Links I Love {v.3} Baby Edition!

Happy Friday lovely, happy people!

Today I am sharing with you the Links I Love - Baby Edition! Throughout my first trimester, I had a secret Babies Pinterest board. This is my first pregnancy so, of course, I turned to all the awesome moms out there who have shared their pregnancy and baby advice. Where would I be without you rockstar moms?! 

1 & 2 // HARRY POTTER baby everything! Enough said.

3 // Paul and I live in a small San Francisco apartment, so Nicole’s Minimalist Baby Guide was just what I needed to read!

4 // THANK YOU Lisa. Her 50 Things To Know Before Having A Baby is a wonderfully comprehensive list for a neurotic like me. 

5 & 6 // This Baby Proofing Your Marriage series of 10 things new parents should know about the other parent is absolutely wonderful. It’s simple, sweet, and honest. I will be printing these lists out and taping them to our fridge. 

7 // This is my absolute favorite week-by-week pregnancy guide. Amalah is hilarious. Seriously just check it out even if you aren’t pregnant. I look forward to reading it every week.

This has been such an amazing experience so far. I look forward to each day’s changes and adventures. I am looking forward to having a little bump and feeling my sweet baby move.

P.S. My dad is here visiting, yay!