Sweet 16 (weeks)

I suppose they say that the belly remembers pregnancy when it does it again. Where I was barely showing with Emma at this stage and only just for Henry, this baby belly is like, WHOMP THERE IT IS.

I am definitely *looking* quite a bit more pregnant these last couple of weeks and have triggered the ahem, personal questions. 

Is this your last?
Do you know what causes that?
You're done, right?
Was this planned?
How/when/in what position/on what day are you delivering?

UHH. Folks, I think the question you should ask is, How are you doing? And after that, no more questions and only congratulations and what a blessing should you utter. MMKAYTHNX. 

Also, this time around, things seem to be moving along way too fast. Whereas with the first two, I would count down each day and read all the daily updates on how big baby is and what is new this week and look forward to every little change. This time I'm like, WHUT 16ISH WEEKS ALREADY, HOW??!?! 

Clearly I am processing this pregnancy like a champ.

Although I did start feeling the baby move this week which gives me all the happy feelings (you know, in between the crippling panics of, THREE!? HOW?!). 

Now that I am firmly into the second trimester, I am enjoying the increased energy. Well, maybe not an increase so much as no debilitating exhaustion. So, silver lining? Ha. With Henry, I was recovering from my emergency appendectomy so I did not get to enjoy these weeks so much. 

On to the fun stuff.

16 weeks
How far along: 16 weeks and 5 days
Total weight gain: uhh, do I want to know
Maternity clothes: whenever I can and also the belly band   
Stretch marks: I am trying not to look hard enough
Sleep: cray cray dreams  
Miss anything: all the wine  
Movement: first flutters this week, AWWWW
Food cravings: cereal, cheese
Aversions: smelly people
Sex: I am 90% sure we will find out and 10% want to be surprised
Symptoms: odd sleeping patterns, allergies, random crying
Belly button: innie
Wedding rings: still loose
Happy or moody: a good combo of the two
Looking forward to: finding out (probably) girl or guy 

Flashback time

Emma at 4 months
Henry at 16 weeks