20 weeks and an announcement

I won't lie to you.

This pregnancy has not been all rainbows and sunshine. It's taken a toll on my body and on my emotional health. BUT! I have been feeling pretty wonderful this past week. I forgot how wonderful the second trimester can feel.

I have energy, my heart burn is not 24/7, I can still see my toes, and I can put my own shoes on (like a champ). During this time last round (in utero Henry) I was still recovering from my appendectomy and my abdomen hurt all the time.

I also don't know how smart it is of me to document all these symptoms because I am pretty sure that evolutionarily speaking, we are supposed to forget the harder parts of pregnancy/delivery/post-partum life. 

That's why you always hear women say, "oh pregnancy is a magical time!" It's because she forgot about the peeing in her pants, the heart burn, the insomnia, the sore breasts, and healing from someone walking out of her body like they own the place. 


Today I am 21 weeks and I was somehow able to take some photos of the bump last week between all the craziness of our schedule. AND I also found out what we are having.

20 weeks
How far along: today, 21 weeks on the button  
Total weight gain: I have absolutely no idea
Maternity clothes: YASSS, CAN I GET AN AMEN!? 
Stretch marks: a few little buggers  
Sleep: mostly normal, interrupted by my ex utero babies
Miss anything: my bffl wine   
Movement: yes, lots of movement at night
Food cravings: ice cream  
Aversions: smells  
Sex: keep scrolling to find out!  
Symptoms: nesting, motivation, and early rising  
Belly button: innie
Wedding rings: still loose
Happy or moody: mostly happy, yay! 
Looking forward to: starting a new registry  

And drum roll please.

Baby Wetterholm number three is a...

Emma was a wee bit disappointed by the news but she is coming around to the idea because she does love being queen of the castle. Paul is ecstatic. Henry only cared about the balloons.

I do that yucky glucose screening in a few weeks and I'll give you a bumpdate around then.

Happy Bump Day! (Get it? Instead of hump day. You still there?) 

Emma at 5 months
Henry at 20 weeks