Wish list and a registry

I haven't done one of these in a loooong while. But, when the inspiration strikes...WISH LIST!
I have been dreaming about these products for quite some time now and as a mom-to-be times THREE, I figured I'd just put it out there. 

Wish list.png

This dreamy diaper bag, swoon. I have had my other Lily Jade bag since 2015 and it has been one of my most well used and well loved bags I've ever owned (and I own a lot of handbags).

My number one wish list item (combo) is an iPad Pro and an Apple Pencil. I cannot tell you how long I've been eyeing this combo. I use my iPad air 2 (many generations ago by now) every single day, and I am eager for an upgrade. Le sigh... 

This water bottle has everything I could want - a wide spout, insulation to keep my water cold, and a darling design, what's more to love? I'm thirsty all the time these days (#pregnant) and when this baby comes earth side I'll be nursing around the clock so water is my BFF. 

Speaking of breastfeeding, when I head back to work, I'll be needing the best equipment for pumping. This breast pump is quite a step up from my old one I used for Emma and Henry. I will be working full-time when I go back to work and need to keep up my supply to feed my little one. 

And speaking of my little one, I have started a new Amazon Baby Registry for a few items we either need or need more of. By this time, I know exactly what a newborn needs and fancy baby clothes isn't one of them. 

Now, I'll be getting back to my Saturday of family snuggles and dreaming about this wish list. SWOON.