Product Review

Wish list and a registry

I haven't done one of these in a loooong while. But, when the inspiration strikes...WISH LIST!
I have been dreaming about these products for quite some time now and as a mom-to-be times THREE, I figured I'd just put it out there. 

Wish list.png

This dreamy diaper bag, swoon. I have had my other Lily Jade bag since 2015 and it has been one of my most well used and well loved bags I've ever owned (and I own a lot of handbags).

My number one wish list item (combo) is an iPad Pro and an Apple Pencil. I cannot tell you how long I've been eyeing this combo. I use my iPad air 2 (many generations ago by now) every single day, and I am eager for an upgrade. Le sigh... 

This water bottle has everything I could want - a wide spout, insulation to keep my water cold, and a darling design, what's more to love? I'm thirsty all the time these days (#pregnant) and when this baby comes earth side I'll be nursing around the clock so water is my BFF. 

Speaking of breastfeeding, when I head back to work, I'll be needing the best equipment for pumping. This breast pump is quite a step up from my old one I used for Emma and Henry. I will be working full-time when I go back to work and need to keep up my supply to feed my little one. 

And speaking of my little one, I have started a new Amazon Baby Registry for a few items we either need or need more of. By this time, I know exactly what a newborn needs and fancy baby clothes isn't one of them. 

Now, I'll be getting back to my Saturday of family snuggles and dreaming about this wish list. SWOON. 

PinkBlush, my new favorite dress, and a giveaway

Guys. GUYS. I have discovered the most gorgeous dress and I am pretty sure I'll be wearing it every single day from now on. 

My friends at PinkBlush sent me this incredible wrap dress and I could not wait to wear it. I was so happy wearing this dress to church on Sunday that I twirled and twirled in front of my house, almost made us late, and even Emma wanted to join in. 

I looked like a complete goof twirling in the rain but I felt so pretty that I could not help myself.

When I was telling my husband about the clothing's ease of transition from maternity to postpartum, he told me, "That's great and saves women money when they don't have to buy the whole shebang." Hahaha, yes very true honey. 

Between my mom life and my dentist life, I sometimes forget to nurture the woman in me. Thankfully, PinkBlush has reminded me that I can wear all my different hats and still maintain my sense of self. 

And now for some great news! You can too feel like a goddess in one of your own PinkBlush pieces. Head over to my Instagram to enter a giveaway with PinkBlush. 

Citrus Lane Box :: September

We just got our fifth Citrus Lane box and it is gooood. I only signed up for six months so next month will be our last box (that is if I decide not to keep subscribing). Decisions, decisions. Well I’m just popping in to show all you all what we got in our box over here.


BODYSUIT from TEA COLLECTION This beautify bodysuit is to die for. We loved our first piece from tea collection and I’m so glad they put another one in for us. This 100% organic cotton fabric is gorgeous. Seriously, I love this company.

RAINBOW RATTLE from HAPE How adorable is this rattle? The wood has a soft finish and the pieces can rotate. This one is great for encouraging fine motor and cognitive development. Emma has been loving this one. And by love I of course mean, shoving it in her mouth. 

RADISH DISH SOAP from MRS. MEYERS I’ve always loved this brand! This soap smells fantastic is made with natural soap bark extract and is one of nature’s best degreasers. Oh yeah! 

GRIPE WATER from MOMMY’S BLISS This all-natural supplement eases gas and stomach pain. Fortunately Emma hasn’t had too much gas pain, but when she starts eating solids, watch out! 

Emma absolutely loved her lamby chime ball from last month’s box. I love the baby and mom treats we get every month. Check out other months here!

I’ll miss getting these boxes every month. Because you know, Emma does not nearly have enough toys. ;] 

Citrus Lane Box :: August

Our August box from Citrus Lane arrived a couple days ago and it was a goodun’! We always love getting these in the mail and Emma was very excited about it. She insisted on opening it, but gnawing on the corner of the cardboard would have taken too long so I had the honors.


PAPER STRAND MOBIL from PETIT COLLAGE This is a beautiful paper strand mobil with a modern, two-sided design. We hung it near the changing table. 

CHIME BALL from SKIP HOP This plush chime ball is a perfect toy for a little one. It’s cuddly soft and chimes whenever it is tossed, shaken, or rolled. It’s already a favorite around these parts.

GLASS CUBES from INNOBABY These are great for when baby is ready to start solids and is great for storing purees. They are made of stain-proof, odor-free, and leak-proof glass. 

SNUGGLY LOTION from EPISENCIAL Baby skin can dry out easily, so it’s important to hydrate and nourish. This one is made of organic ingredients too!

You just can’t separate a girl and her toys.