Citrus Lane Box :: August

Our August box from Citrus Lane arrived a couple days ago and it was a goodun’! We always love getting these in the mail and Emma was very excited about it. She insisted on opening it, but gnawing on the corner of the cardboard would have taken too long so I had the honors.


PAPER STRAND MOBIL from PETIT COLLAGE This is a beautiful paper strand mobil with a modern, two-sided design. We hung it near the changing table. 

CHIME BALL from SKIP HOP This plush chime ball is a perfect toy for a little one. It’s cuddly soft and chimes whenever it is tossed, shaken, or rolled. It’s already a favorite around these parts.

GLASS CUBES from INNOBABY These are great for when baby is ready to start solids and is great for storing purees. They are made of stain-proof, odor-free, and leak-proof glass. 

SNUGGLY LOTION from EPISENCIAL Baby skin can dry out easily, so it’s important to hydrate and nourish. This one is made of organic ingredients too!

You just can’t separate a girl and her toys.