Citrus Lane

Citrus Lane Box :: September

We just got our fifth Citrus Lane box and it is gooood. I only signed up for six months so next month will be our last box (that is if I decide not to keep subscribing). Decisions, decisions. Well I’m just popping in to show all you all what we got in our box over here.


BODYSUIT from TEA COLLECTION This beautify bodysuit is to die for. We loved our first piece from tea collection and I’m so glad they put another one in for us. This 100% organic cotton fabric is gorgeous. Seriously, I love this company.

RAINBOW RATTLE from HAPE How adorable is this rattle? The wood has a soft finish and the pieces can rotate. This one is great for encouraging fine motor and cognitive development. Emma has been loving this one. And by love I of course mean, shoving it in her mouth. 

RADISH DISH SOAP from MRS. MEYERS I’ve always loved this brand! This soap smells fantastic is made with natural soap bark extract and is one of nature’s best degreasers. Oh yeah! 

GRIPE WATER from MOMMY’S BLISS This all-natural supplement eases gas and stomach pain. Fortunately Emma hasn’t had too much gas pain, but when she starts eating solids, watch out! 

Emma absolutely loved her lamby chime ball from last month’s box. I love the baby and mom treats we get every month. Check out other months here!

I’ll miss getting these boxes every month. Because you know, Emma does not nearly have enough toys. ;] 

Citrus Lane Box :: August

Our August box from Citrus Lane arrived a couple days ago and it was a goodun’! We always love getting these in the mail and Emma was very excited about it. She insisted on opening it, but gnawing on the corner of the cardboard would have taken too long so I had the honors.


PAPER STRAND MOBIL from PETIT COLLAGE This is a beautiful paper strand mobil with a modern, two-sided design. We hung it near the changing table. 

CHIME BALL from SKIP HOP This plush chime ball is a perfect toy for a little one. It’s cuddly soft and chimes whenever it is tossed, shaken, or rolled. It’s already a favorite around these parts.

GLASS CUBES from INNOBABY These are great for when baby is ready to start solids and is great for storing purees. They are made of stain-proof, odor-free, and leak-proof glass. 

SNUGGLY LOTION from EPISENCIAL Baby skin can dry out easily, so it’s important to hydrate and nourish. This one is made of organic ingredients too!

You just can’t separate a girl and her toys.

Citrus Lane Box :: July

We are loving our Citrus Lane boxes yo. This was our third box so far and it just keeps getting better. Mr. Seahorse from June’s box is now a family favorite. I think Emma likes him more than me! July’s box did not disappoint. Emma was expecting a salami and a wine of the month, but I told her that’s a different kind of box. 

Box Contents:

ISSIE SECURITY BLANKET from ADEN + ANAIS This blanket is made of gentle, breathable muslin, which allows air to flow through the blanket. The silky soft trim is a baby favorite too. 

PACK N GO MINI MOBILE from TINY LOVE This portable mobile is perfect because it clips to just about anything. It has plenty of stimulating toys and has basic patterns and colors to encourage tracking, batting, and grasping. 

FEEDING SPOON from OOGAA These soft, silicone spoons are specifically designed for beginning eaters. They have easy to grip handles and a soft and textured underside. They are BPA free and dishwasher, microwave, and sterilizer safe. 

PUR~PROTECT SPF 30 from PUR~LISSE This light-weight, nourishing moisturizer for mom or dad has SPF 30. You can use it daily and is great for those summer months.

We only subscribed for 6 months total, but based on what we’ve been getting I may have to extend it.

Emma just loves her new security blanket. Hopefully the blanket doesn’t mind all the spit. 


Citrus Lane Box :: June

Last month, we signed up for Citrus Lane, a box subscription for the kidderoos. We loved her first box. The mommy hook and beautiful wooden rattle have gotten a lot of use.

We just got our June box and Emma was really excited. Her exact words were, “Gurggleooooahhhh”.

What’s in the box:

BODYSUIT from TEA COLLECTION Every romper is inspired by the designers’ travels from around the globe and is made with 100 percent cotton.

WEE SEAHORSE from WEE GALLERY This adorable stuffed toy has high contrast black and white fabrics to help brain development. It’s so stinkin cute.

GREEN APPLE AGE DEFY HAND CREAM from JUICE BEAUTY This hand cream smells heavenly! This cream is formulated to minimize fine lines, help age spots, and keep hands soft.

BABY BEE CREAM TO POWDER from BURT’S BEES This brand new product from Burt’s Bees goes on as a cream and dries to a soft, powdery finish to absorb wetness while leaving baby’s skin soft.

BRA OFFER from THIRD LOVE Has a beautiful selection of styles which you can shop at from your own home.

What I love about Citrus Lane is the amazing things they offer baby, but parents as well. They’ve figured out that Mama needs a little pampering too. Bravo! I’m going to go bathe in that hand cream now.


Citrus Lane Box :: May

So I stumbled across this awesome box subscription for children from Citrus Lane. They provide various toys, goodies, and essentials in a surprise box each month. I wanted to check it out so I could be exposed to new brands and products that I would never have heard of before. Each box is suited for your child’s age with hand-picked products. You can also add products to your box or shop that month’s favorites based on users’ reviews.

Last week, we received our May box and it was filled with some great stuff!

What’s in the box:

:: Ocean Pals Puppet from Skip Hop encourages sensory play with its different sounds and textures.

:: Klick Klack from Haba is a beautiful, wooden rattle from Germany which is easy to hold and makes a gentle clicking sound.

:: Mommy Hook from TOMY accommodates bags of any and all sorts and hooks on to strollers or shopping carts {my favorite}.

:: Fresh Feet Wipes from Jasmine Seven are refreshing, antibacterial wipes.

:: Snack from Back to Nature contains no artificial preservatives, hydrogenated oils, high fructose corn syrup, flavors, or colors.

:: 25% off from which is where you can find natural and organic groceries.

Emma enjoys her new puppet!

I cannot wait to see what is in next month’s box! If you would like to receive 50% off your first box, click here