Citrus Lane Box :: September

We just got our fifth Citrus Lane box and it is gooood. I only signed up for six months so next month will be our last box (that is if I decide not to keep subscribing). Decisions, decisions. Well I’m just popping in to show all you all what we got in our box over here.


BODYSUIT from TEA COLLECTION This beautify bodysuit is to die for. We loved our first piece from tea collection and I’m so glad they put another one in for us. This 100% organic cotton fabric is gorgeous. Seriously, I love this company.

RAINBOW RATTLE from HAPE How adorable is this rattle? The wood has a soft finish and the pieces can rotate. This one is great for encouraging fine motor and cognitive development. Emma has been loving this one. And by love I of course mean, shoving it in her mouth. 

RADISH DISH SOAP from MRS. MEYERS I’ve always loved this brand! This soap smells fantastic is made with natural soap bark extract and is one of nature’s best degreasers. Oh yeah! 

GRIPE WATER from MOMMY’S BLISS This all-natural supplement eases gas and stomach pain. Fortunately Emma hasn’t had too much gas pain, but when she starts eating solids, watch out! 

Emma absolutely loved her lamby chime ball from last month’s box. I love the baby and mom treats we get every month. Check out other months here!

I’ll miss getting these boxes every month. Because you know, Emma does not nearly have enough toys. ;]