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Awkward and Awesome

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- Hearing a huge crash in my bedroom and coming to find that my box of holiday decorations has fallen out of the closet and all over the floor. That’s not the way I wanted to start decorating for Autumn.

- Saying, “So I was sucking out Emma’s boogers today…”

- Going to take a drink of water and completely missing my mouth then having a wet shirt for the next thirty minutes.

- Getting punched in the face twenty times by your infant while breastfeeding. Why thank you, Emma.

- Getting carded at a restaurant when I have a baby in my arms. Do I look like a teen mom or something? 

- Pants and the post-baby body. How do they fit in the morning and not in the afternoon?


- Emma’s epic baby-skeptic face. She has all kinds of sassy.

- My first devotion was posted yesterday on Blessed Is She. 

- My Nespresso machine and early morning cappuccinos at home.

- The start of this amazing season. Hello my name is Samantha and I am your stereotypical Autumn-lover. I’ll take my pumpkin spice latte and take a selfie in my knit scarf.

- PASTRIES. I could write a whole post about my sweet tooth. Hmm, maybe I will…

- Lipstick and earrings - how I keep my sense of self when I’m head-to-toe in PPE (personal protective equipment, an infection control thanggg).