Life 365 | Week 38

You want to know what is pretty wonderful? Baby snuggles in the pre-dawn hours. Miss Emma has been needy lately and wanting to sleep next to us and instead of resenting my interrupted sleep, I have embraced it. And by it, I mean the warm and squishy baby-goodness named Emma. 

Oh my gosh! Just as I was writing this, Emma went from laying on her stomach, to pushing herself up, to getting her legs underneath her, to sitting upright on her butt. Holy cow, I’m sobbing. Cool it Samantha, breathe. 

Yeah so before Emma amazed me with her body contortions, I was going to say that I had a special Life 365 post for you all. Usually I only choose one photo per day, but I have taken so many great ones this week that I’m going to collage it up. Because you know, I can’t Instagram everything (well, I shouldn’t). 

FIFTEEN Emma is a cuddle bug for sure. She also has been impressing us with her yoga moves. We just put her on the floor on a blanket, scatter her toys around, and watch the show. She’s only rolled under the couch a few times. I wonder if she’ll dust for me down there if I give her a Swiffer…

SIXTEEN I love me some baby wearing. My Ergobaby makes daycare drop-offs into cuddle moments. And is it just me, or are babies the only ones that can really pull off red leggings? She’s been working on her crawling moves. She’s completely mastered the army crawl. Now I’m just waiting for her to creepily stick her hands under the bathroom door when I leave her in the living room. 

SEVENTEEN Aww, shucks. She sleeps just like her daddy. And by that, I mean I have even less room. It’s all good Paul and Emma, I’ll just stick with my three inches. 

EIGHTEEN Early morning break dance competition. I definitely lost. 

NINETEEN Emma repped our alma mater on Friday. And look at this funky foot thing she’s doing. She seriously just likes to hang out with her leg up. Paul says she’s practicing to join the Radio city Rockettes. I think she’s trying to summon us. He wore a Cal Lu shirt to play tennis. Then I wore my Cal Lu PJ shorts. Yes, I am rolling my eyes too.    

TWENTY She’s getting better at sitting up on her own! But she still likes to face plant into the blanket. Graceful Emma. She was rocking a serious plumber’s crack yesterday and had an EPIC snot bubble. Seriously this thing was massive. Am I a terrible mom for laughing my butt off at her? 

TWENTY-ONE Emma wore her Sunday best to church today. I think we lasted two whole minutes before she slobbered and barfed all over her dress. New record! Emma brings a whole new meaning to sticking your foot in your mouth.

Well while I recover from my mommy heart attack, I hope the rest of your weekend is swell. I’ll be over here watching Emma do the splits. Pssh, show off.