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Oh hello there weekend

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My scrumptious iced coffee from Blue Bottle Coffee.

Why hello there, it’s nice to see you again. How’s the family?

That is my not-so-subtle way of saying that my blog has been as desolate as the arctic desert. First, thank you for not leaving me. Second, it actually has been refreshing taking a little bit of a break here and there. My externship keeps me busy and I don’t have as much time to mindlessly scroll through social media. Not like I’d do that otherwise. *awkwardly side glances*

Raise your hand if you cannot believe how fast September has flown by! I’m already looking for a Halloween costume for Emma and Paul and I have already planned a New Year’s Eve trip. JEEEEZ father time, can you cool your jets?

Currently, I am in bed writing this post because I got a wonderful surprise this morning when nausea overtook me and I threw up my stomach contents (hashtag, TMI). Let me tell you, screaming, “grab the baby” while I was breastfeeding and getting the urge to throw up then running to the bathroom was an interesting way to start the weekend. Any who that’s enough vomit talk. Ew, I’m gross today.

This was another great week over at Asian Health Services. I have seen more patients in the past two weeks than during the first year of dental school and I lurrrve it. Working in the community clinic has reminded me of why I love dentistry - helping people (queue the sappy violin). But really, it has been an incredibly fulfilling experience and I cannot wait to go back in January.

I think Emma has seasonal allergies. She has a runny nose but doesn’t exhibit any other symptoms to make me think she’s sick. Poor girl. But she is making strides in the nearly-crawling department. We have all the pieces of crawling there, she just needs to put it together. Although now I may have to put a homing device on her. GREAT. 

Paul and I plan on having another relaxing weekend. We both need to recharge those batteries. Seeing 8-9 patients per day is completely gratifying but also exhausting, especially after trying to extract 3rd molars that have decided to play hide-and-seek. Paul is busy at work with the annual audit (don’t worry, I don’t completely know what that means either). He also had a review with his boss and got the highest rating! I’m so proud of his hard work.

I went to a new community group on Thursday. It’s a combination of Bible study and fellowship. We talked about 1 Peter, ate some Chili, and played taboo. I loved it! Even though the city is geographically small, it’s hard to get to know people. I am really looking forward to making this a part of my week. 

My daddy had surgery to repair a torn meniscus in his knee yesterday. Keep him in your thoughts and prayers. But you want to know how he did it? Dancing. Yup. My mom said he was twisting when he should have been shouting. 

I have a special Life 365 post coming to you on Monday so stay tuned. ALSO, my first devotion on Blessed Is She goes up tomorrow. I hope you like it. It has been wonderful to be part of this amazing community. I will leave you with my post on the Blessed Is She Instagram from this past Tuesday.

Have a wonderful weekend!