Life 365 | Week 37

WHEWIE! (Is that even how you spell it?) Sunday nights! Yawn, sigh, burp, denial. Moving on.

Big news! Bloglovin and Tumblr have kissed and made up. If you have no idea what I’m talking about, just keep scrolling.

I hate to report this but I will no longer be posting pictures of Emma on my blog. HA! Just kidding, could you imagine? I cannot believe that 37 weeks have gone by in this year of the queen two thousand fourteen. SAY WHAT? I am happy that I have kept up with this series. While I don’t think I’ll continue this series in 2015, I will continue to post photos of the chubby one…me. Oh yes, and Emma.

Tomorrow starts week two of my externship. Let’s eat! Oh yes, and do some dentistry.

GUYS, OHMYGOSH, GUYS! Emma is seconds away from crawling. She’s already nailed the army crawl and pivoting and can get up on all fours and starts to rock and sway. Aaaaaaaaand she’s off to the races! I get a little teary-eyed thinking about how strong she is and how fast she’s growing. STAHP IT RIGHT NOW. I want to give birth to her all over again, wait, who said that? I’m not crazy, I promise. Hello? 

EIGHT This is the epitome of what Mondays look like. Open mouth drooling and all. But look at those pants, come on! I put her in a black onesie that day, like mama. Black is the new black. 

NINE Staring competition. My money is on Emma sneezing into daddy’s face and making him blink. SUCKA. Yes, Emma’s onesie has a poodle on it. Ooo la la. 

TEN After getting stuck in game-day traffic on the Bay Bridge, mommy needed a cosmo in a big gulp. Thank God for Auntie Grace holding the squirmy one so mommy didn’t drop her. Emma mistook Grace’s scarf for a chew toy. Emma, that’s why we can’t have nice things! 

ELEVEN I feel like Emma just said a cheesy joke and ended it was an “Eh, ba dum ch!” And yes, Emma you are perfect, we get it. Thank you for not throwing up on mommy’s bedding. 

TWELVE GO DODGERS! But of course Emma, you can make your own sports choices, but remember who feeds you. No pressure.

THIRTEEN Emma couldn’t figure out what we were doing. We were cleaning the apartment Emma, I know that’s not something you see very often. Yes, that’s a vacuum. No, it won’t eat your toesies. But I might. 

FOURTEEN Flying nun? Ghost? I guess we are brainstorming Halloween costumes. Let’s keep trying Emma. We can do better. 

Have a great week friends! I’m off to chase the smelly one around the living room. I mean Paul of course. Emma is having a cold one in her bouncy chair.