Life 365

Life 365 | The End

And I definitely typed “2014” at first, I think I will get it right on the first try some time in August.

This is the final installment of Life 365 2014. Can you believe it? I’m shocked, I’m in awe, I’m platzing. We did it! At least one photo per day for a whole year. That’s three hundred sixty-five photos. To put it in perspective, that is the number of reese’s pieces I eat in one sitting.

While I am completely overjoyed that I successfully completed this year-long project, I am excited to bring it to a close to focus on new projects for 2015.

The three of us enjoyed a quiet New Year on vacation in Morro Bay, California. We did not make it until midnight because, you know, 8-month old. But we did watch a movie (Crazy, Stupid, Love) and drink some sparkling goodness.

Here are the last photos of 2014. 

TWENTY-NINE Just drinking her bottle like the OG she is. “Sup peeps.” (Mom, “OG” means original gangsta. I know you were wondering.)

THIRTY And of course, it is here we see the universal truth of all times forever and ever. Get your baby a gift, and she’ll play with the box. For hours. And eat it. 

THIRTY-ONE Happy New Year from Paul and Samantha! (Pretend that this is at midnight and not at 7:34 pm.)

Thanks for following along on my first Life 365 project! I have another idea for this year’s photo series so stay tuned.

Happy first Monday of 2015! Only 51 more to go in 2015. Okay now I’m ill. 

Life 365 | Week 52

52! Fifty-two! Fiddy-duex! (Please don’t punch me.)

Now clearly I didn’t think this all the way through because there are only 52 weeks in a year yet somehow I have a few days left of 2014 for Life 365. Don’t worry, I will not forget about those few days, the final days, the end of days. Oh and you’re gone. 

What a week it’s been! Vacation! Can I get a woot woot? It’s been so wonderful to spend time with our families. Emma is in heaven and I am in nap mode. There is something so comforting about spending time in a real home and not in a 500 square-foot apartment. Frosted window panes… 

Okay, did anyone notice that ABC Family completely skipped the Goblet of Fire during the Harry Potter Weekend? Or did I just miss it? Any who… 

Here are last week’s photos. 

TWENTY-TWO I got my hairs cut and my eyebrows waxed. I instantly felt 20 pounds lighter. Can I get a hallelujah? 

TWENTY-THREE Twinsies! Auntie and baby making the same facial expression. Oh you two. 

TWENTY-FOUR Christmas Eve fist pump. Victory! Oh she’s just too stinkin’ adorable. 

TWENTY-FIVE I know, Christmas festivities are exhausting. Either that, or she ate too many Christmas cookies and is now in a sugar coma. You be the judge. 

TWENTY-SIX How is it possible that my little girl is looking so grown up? Someone punch me. Good thing she’s agreed to let me move away to college with her. 

TWENTY-SEVEN It has been COOOOOOLD at night here. Holy spumoni. Grandma Bev watched the wee one on Saturday night so Paul and I could go out to dinner, dancing, star gazing, and fire-starting. It was a hoot and a half.   

TWENTY-EIGHT My parents popped up to Bakersfield to say goodbye one more time. Emma has stolen hearts and taken names.

We are in Bakersfield for a couple more days before we take our New Year’s trip to somewhere. (Did I mention that Paul planned a mini-trip somewhere for us and I do not know where we are going?)

Happieeee Mernduhhh! 

(And I know you’re gone.) 

Life 365 | Week 51

WHEWIEWHEWIEWHEWWWW. (If you managed to read that word, then congratulations.)

I am writing this post from the coziness of my childhood home, surrounded by Christmas cheer, and swimming in family love.

You’re gagging now aren’t you? 

Mr. Husband, Emma, and I took a road trip on Friday after my morning patient to see the family. We stayed the night at Paul’s parents then headed to my parents’ house on Saturday morning. Emma has been smothered in love, like those baby back ribs are smothered in BBQ sauce at Chili’s. Okay I know you’re gagging now.

It is so lovely to be spending time with our family and I am happy to be relaxing after another busy quarter. Emma’s Baptism yesterday was unbelievably beautiful. To be surrounded by our loved ones while we welcomed Emma into the church was a dream come true. We are so very blessed.

Here are last week’s photos.

FIFTEEN Emma was busy crunching the numbers on her new laptop from Uncle Brian and Auntie Grace. But I put my foot down at chat rooms. Not until you are at least 16 months Emma.

SIXTEEN This girl always falls asleep holding her toys. No one is going to steal them from you girlfriend.

SEVENTEENBrrrring, brrring. Emma, it’s for you. Tell those gentleman callers that they can’t date you until never.

EIGHTEEN Emma was NOT interested in any reindeer games. 

NINETEEN Emma saw her first big Christmas tree! And yup, those branches went right in her mouth.

TWENTY She absolutely loves her new books. I don’t have the heart to tell her it’s upside down. 

TWENTY-ONE #behindthescenes Emma’s Baptism was so wondreful. I cried. She cried. They cried. She farted. So stinkin’ beautiful.

There are less than two weeks of 2014. I still have some fun posts for you coming up this year including her 8 months update, photos from her Baptism, my 2015 goals, and a few other gooduns. Stay tuned!

Happy Christmas Eve Eve Eve! 

Life 365 | Week 50

So a rather unfortunate bought of flu took over our family Sunday night. I had to go to the hospital due to dehydration and dizziness (thank God for IV fluids) and poor Paul’s symptoms quickly followed. Emma doesn’t seem to be effected, but she did have some blow outs. Poor baby. Stupid influenza.

I am still in complete denial that this year is almost over. Seriously, when did that happen? If I could turn back tiiiiime. We are so excited for Emma’s first Christmas. On Friday, we are traveling south to see our families for the holidays. She will get to see the big Christmas lights displays, a full-sized tree, and presents galore. Her Baptism is the Sunday before Christmas! Woo! Lady in white.

I’ll be blogging from the road starting Friday so stay tuned. Here are last week’s photos. 

EIGHT Just a girl and her phone. 

NINE Every child’s first musical instrument. Am I right?

TEN She was seriously showing off her booty bumping skills. Jiggle it.

ELEVENLe sigh. This girl melts me. 

TWELVE Cheers. You have a baby. In a bar. (Name that movie) Emma got a lot of compliments at happy hour on Friday. She was eyeing the hot wings though and I said no way, not until you are at least 11 months. 

THIRTEEN Mornings with this one are heavenly. Although we are still breastfeeding, she is starting to take 100% formula bottles which takes a lot of daytime pumping pressure off of me. 

FOURTEEN My big girl sitting in the church pew all by herself. She stayed awake for about half of the service. 

Only nine days until Christmas! 

Life 365 | Week 49

This time of year is giving me all the feels. I am completely tickled by all the green, white, and red color explosion happening everywhere. Unfortunately, our Christmas gift shopping is non-exisitant, so we need to get on that. My family is asking me what I want for Christmas and truthfully, I have everything that I need and could ever want (I know I just dropped some sappy-juice all over your face). My daughter is healthy and happy. My husband has a good job and is an amazing partner. I have a roof over my head and a kitchen full of food. I am blessed. All I really want for Christmas is to see my family.

Okay so either you are getting teary-eyed or are barfing over the sap fest, so moving on.

Emma picked up the adventure game this week. We caught her standing on top of her elephant rider in her baby jail reaching for the scissors. After I recovered from my mini-heart attack number 2,859, we resolved to keep Mr. Elephant out of her baby jail.

She also graduated to the high chair at restaurants. Which also means, mama started carrying around 15 million clorox wipes for said high chair. She absolutely loves sitting at the big kid’s table and she gets all the stares from other restaurant patrons. The second they start sending her drinks, I may have to intervene.

Here are last week’s photos. (OHMYGOSH ONLY THREE MORE WEEKS THIS YEAR)

ONE She was wating patiently for her food but got hungry. Sophie seemed like a good alternative.

TWO Hey cheeseball, how you doin’? I hope she doesn’t run away from home once she finds all these photos.

THREE I think it’s written somewhere on the genome that babies are attracted to electrical outlets. I’m pretty sure I learned that in my genetics course in college. Chromosome 10 I think. It’s attached to the chews on everything gene and the poops through the diaper gene.

FOUR Her combover isn’t really subtle is it? Emma, I am sure those bald spots will grow in.

FIVE Ahh, that’s the life.

SIX Miss standing lady had some serious Saturday Night Fever boogie moves going on.

SEVEN She finally broke out of baby jail and went joy riding on Mr. Elephant. Where is your helmet young lady?

Have a lovely week my fellow humans.

(Wait, forget I said that. Please don’t leave me.)