Life 365 | Week 50

So a rather unfortunate bought of flu took over our family Sunday night. I had to go to the hospital due to dehydration and dizziness (thank God for IV fluids) and poor Paul’s symptoms quickly followed. Emma doesn’t seem to be effected, but she did have some blow outs. Poor baby. Stupid influenza.

I am still in complete denial that this year is almost over. Seriously, when did that happen? If I could turn back tiiiiime. We are so excited for Emma’s first Christmas. On Friday, we are traveling south to see our families for the holidays. She will get to see the big Christmas lights displays, a full-sized tree, and presents galore. Her Baptism is the Sunday before Christmas! Woo! Lady in white.

I’ll be blogging from the road starting Friday so stay tuned. Here are last week’s photos. 

EIGHT Just a girl and her phone. 

NINE Every child’s first musical instrument. Am I right?

TEN She was seriously showing off her booty bumping skills. Jiggle it.

ELEVENLe sigh. This girl melts me. 

TWELVE Cheers. You have a baby. In a bar. (Name that movie) Emma got a lot of compliments at happy hour on Friday. She was eyeing the hot wings though and I said no way, not until you are at least 11 months. 

THIRTEEN Mornings with this one are heavenly. Although we are still breastfeeding, she is starting to take 100% formula bottles which takes a lot of daytime pumping pressure off of me. 

FOURTEEN My big girl sitting in the church pew all by herself. She stayed awake for about half of the service. 

Only nine days until Christmas!