Life 365 | Week 51

WHEWIEWHEWIEWHEWWWW. (If you managed to read that word, then congratulations.)

I am writing this post from the coziness of my childhood home, surrounded by Christmas cheer, and swimming in family love.

You’re gagging now aren’t you? 

Mr. Husband, Emma, and I took a road trip on Friday after my morning patient to see the family. We stayed the night at Paul’s parents then headed to my parents’ house on Saturday morning. Emma has been smothered in love, like those baby back ribs are smothered in BBQ sauce at Chili’s. Okay I know you’re gagging now.

It is so lovely to be spending time with our family and I am happy to be relaxing after another busy quarter. Emma’s Baptism yesterday was unbelievably beautiful. To be surrounded by our loved ones while we welcomed Emma into the church was a dream come true. We are so very blessed.

Here are last week’s photos.

FIFTEEN Emma was busy crunching the numbers on her new laptop from Uncle Brian and Auntie Grace. But I put my foot down at chat rooms. Not until you are at least 16 months Emma.

SIXTEEN This girl always falls asleep holding her toys. No one is going to steal them from you girlfriend.

SEVENTEENBrrrring, brrring. Emma, it’s for you. Tell those gentleman callers that they can’t date you until never.

EIGHTEEN Emma was NOT interested in any reindeer games. 

NINETEEN Emma saw her first big Christmas tree! And yup, those branches went right in her mouth.

TWENTY She absolutely loves her new books. I don’t have the heart to tell her it’s upside down. 

TWENTY-ONE #behindthescenes Emma’s Baptism was so wondreful. I cried. She cried. They cried. She farted. So stinkin’ beautiful.

There are less than two weeks of 2014. I still have some fun posts for you coming up this year including her 8 months update, photos from her Baptism, my 2015 goals, and a few other gooduns. Stay tuned!

Happy Christmas Eve Eve Eve!