Life 365 | Week 49

This time of year is giving me all the feels. I am completely tickled by all the green, white, and red color explosion happening everywhere. Unfortunately, our Christmas gift shopping is non-exisitant, so we need to get on that. My family is asking me what I want for Christmas and truthfully, I have everything that I need and could ever want (I know I just dropped some sappy-juice all over your face). My daughter is healthy and happy. My husband has a good job and is an amazing partner. I have a roof over my head and a kitchen full of food. I am blessed. All I really want for Christmas is to see my family.

Okay so either you are getting teary-eyed or are barfing over the sap fest, so moving on.

Emma picked up the adventure game this week. We caught her standing on top of her elephant rider in her baby jail reaching for the scissors. After I recovered from my mini-heart attack number 2,859, we resolved to keep Mr. Elephant out of her baby jail.

She also graduated to the high chair at restaurants. Which also means, mama started carrying around 15 million clorox wipes for said high chair. She absolutely loves sitting at the big kid’s table and she gets all the stares from other restaurant patrons. The second they start sending her drinks, I may have to intervene.

Here are last week’s photos. (OHMYGOSH ONLY THREE MORE WEEKS THIS YEAR)

ONE She was wating patiently for her food but got hungry. Sophie seemed like a good alternative.

TWO Hey cheeseball, how you doin’? I hope she doesn’t run away from home once she finds all these photos.

THREE I think it’s written somewhere on the genome that babies are attracted to electrical outlets. I’m pretty sure I learned that in my genetics course in college. Chromosome 10 I think. It’s attached to the chews on everything gene and the poops through the diaper gene.

FOUR Her combover isn’t really subtle is it? Emma, I am sure those bald spots will grow in.

FIVE Ahh, that’s the life.

SIX Miss standing lady had some serious Saturday Night Fever boogie moves going on.

SEVEN She finally broke out of baby jail and went joy riding on Mr. Elephant. Where is your helmet young lady?

Have a lovely week my fellow humans.

(Wait, forget I said that. Please don’t leave me.)