Life 365 | The End

And I definitely typed “2014” at first, I think I will get it right on the first try some time in August.

This is the final installment of Life 365 2014. Can you believe it? I’m shocked, I’m in awe, I’m platzing. We did it! At least one photo per day for a whole year. That’s three hundred sixty-five photos. To put it in perspective, that is the number of reese’s pieces I eat in one sitting.

While I am completely overjoyed that I successfully completed this year-long project, I am excited to bring it to a close to focus on new projects for 2015.

The three of us enjoyed a quiet New Year on vacation in Morro Bay, California. We did not make it until midnight because, you know, 8-month old. But we did watch a movie (Crazy, Stupid, Love) and drink some sparkling goodness.

Here are the last photos of 2014. 

TWENTY-NINE Just drinking her bottle like the OG she is. “Sup peeps.” (Mom, “OG” means original gangsta. I know you were wondering.)

THIRTY And of course, it is here we see the universal truth of all times forever and ever. Get your baby a gift, and she’ll play with the box. For hours. And eat it. 

THIRTY-ONE Happy New Year from Paul and Samantha! (Pretend that this is at midnight and not at 7:34 pm.)

Thanks for following along on my first Life 365 project! I have another idea for this year’s photo series so stay tuned.

Happy first Monday of 2015! Only 51 more to go in 2015. Okay now I’m ill.