Morro Bay, California

Our lovely New Year trip to Morro Bay went by way too quickly. Emma had her first glimpse of the ocean and I had the urge to make a sand angel (because, ‘tis the season) but decided against it because I don’t like sand in strange places. Sand in my shoes was a little much for my taste. 

I also played with my fancy camera - manual settings, oooo - trying to capture all the goodness of the sun and sea. I also got a few good pictures of Paul’s overgrown facial hair. Hubba hubba. 

(By the way, I could really use a beach house. So if anyone wants to donate to my beach house fund, let me know. No pressure.)

While we love spending vacation with family, it’s nice to catch up on some married people time when we travel. Our beach mini-vacation was a huge success, I think we’ll do it again. Yup. Where were we on that beach house?

Don’t let the gorgeous sunshine fool you. It was freeeeezing. For the love of all baby gerbils, remind me to bring warmer socks next time.

We got to the beach as the sun was setting and by George, it was beautiful.

We saw the cutest little sea otters. Emma wanted to take one home as a pet, but I couldn’t convince one to get into the ErgoBaby with her.

On New Year’s day, we took a hike along Point Buchon. These ocean views are what dreams are made of. I want to live right on that rock. Remember the beach house?

I don’t know how to be normal.

Those panoramic views. Oh sweet baby penguins.

No, I want to live on THAT rock.

Emma also took her first swing ride. I know, it was clearly thrilling. 

Yes, the highlight of her trip.