Lake Tahoe in December

Lake Tahoe in December

Currently, I am sitting in our resort room with my feet up by the roaring fireplace and I’m convinced that I’ll do very well in retirement one day. The kids are doing their Mandarin practice and the baby is contentedly sleeping on his own.

HAHA, just kidding. Everyone is screaming and running around and it’s pure chaos and I love it. We are still in South Lake Tahoe and heading home tomorrow morning. It has been a lovely trip so far. My mom joined us and she has been a life-saver with having an extra set of adult eyes and ears. And plus, she is ten times more patient than I am which helps in confined spaces.

Mostly, we’ve just been enjoying each other with lots of snuggles and movies and cookies and laughing. The big kids absolutely love playing in the snow. They must have gotten that from some other side of the family tree because I am firmly in the camp of snow is to be looked at and not waded in. I enjoy the frivolity from the safety of the salted side walk. But it is just the BEST watching them play in the snow with all their snow gear. Theo has just been a cuddly snow angel and I am grateful for his chill disposition.

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Lake Tahoe in the Autumn - part 2

The second half of our Lake Tahoe vacation was equally amazing as the first half. I arrived home refreshed and rested (the feelings which I will cling to in the coming weeks). I heaved the heaviest sighs as we drove up and over the mountain and out of my beloved Lake Tahoe.

Some highlights included our day trip to Virginia City, Nevada (a favorite of mine and my family's). It's an old silver mining town in the middle of the mountains and it's adorable. Emma swam nearly every day and I sat by the fire and read. We watched the salmon run - where we saw some determined little lady salmon swim their way up stream. We enjoyed our first Oktoberfest at Camp Richardson, picked pumpkins, and listened to a band garbed in lederhosen. We departed on Sunday afternoon and I am already planning our next trip back.

Emma had to take a piece of Tahoe home with us and selected a few lucky leaves to take with us back home.  



Lake Tahoe in the Autumn - part 1


(I mean South Shore, Lake Tahoe. Don't punch me.)

Paul, Emma, Henry, and I are currently on vacation at our favorite spot. This is my FAVORITE time of year to come to Lake Tahoe. The leaves are just beginning to turn, the air is crisp and cool but not freezing or raining. It's just the best. Last time we were here it was snowing and Mr. H was growing in my belly, dawww.

Currently, I am sipping a refreshing bev and fawning over some of the photos I've taken the last couple of days. 

That first glimpse of the mountain side with all of the trees as you drive up and over into South Lake is one of my most favorite views in all the land. My stomach skips every time. I have nothing but fond memories of this place. So far we have just spent time together and done some trail walking around the area. We have visited marshes, forests, and streams. We are in heaven.

Well okay, if you insist, I'll just show you. ;]

And it's only been two days!


Fireworks, Disney, Harry Potter, Oh MY!

Guess who's back, back again? Lest you think I've already had the baby and am taking a blog break, I'm here to break it to you. That baby is still snuggled up nice and nested between these birthing hips. Based on the frequency and intensity of my false labor, I keep thinking - any day now - but based on previous experience (cough, Emma's marathon false labor), I could still be with child for a while.

If you follow me on the gram, you will know all of this already and know that we are just "patiently" waiting for baby boy to make his grand debut. You do you, kid.

It's about 7 am right now and Emma is alternating between coloring, twirling, and reading in her corner. I am sipping half coffee/half creamer and sincerely relishing in these last few mornings with just the two of us girls. She's an early bird - just like me - and as much as I shake my fists in the air for a wink more sleep sometimes, this are our special time.

Today I am 36 weeks along (!!!!) and I'll do my official update tomorrow after my OB appointment (where I am sure they are going to tell me, yup, he's still in there, come back next week). In the meantime, I wanted to share a few of my favorite photos from our quick trip down south. God blessed us with bearable weather (not the typical 100+ Julys of my youth). We celebrated 4th of July, hit up Disneyland and Harry Potter world, and spent time with family and dear friends. It was a nice final Hoorah! before we become a foursome.

'Twas the first time I had been in the pool since, probably, last summer and oh boy, it felt refreshing. I had to fish this swim suit out of a drawer of my childhood bedroom because I foolishly brought a one-piece and HAHAHAHA it did not go over this belly. We didn't stay up for fireworks...intentionally...but we heard all the lovely neighborhood festivities until the wee hours while we were trying to sleep *eye rolls forever*. 

On Tuesday, we went to DISNEYLAND or as Emma would say, "Minnie Mouse House". We didn't stay the whole day because, hello swollen pregnant waddle, but we had a wonderful time and Emma got to see her #1 boo, Minnie Mouse.

Emma was much more engaged this year than last year and barely tolerated the stroller. Seeing her meet Minnie may be the highlight of the trip. SO much love. 

She only had eyes for Minnie.

And this marching band.

On Wednesday, my mom, sister, and I went to The Wizzarding World of Harry Potter in Hollywood and I about passed out from excitement. Or pregnancy hormones. I went to the one in Orlando for my honeymoon many moons ago so this was an absolute treat. Plus, my family and I are huge HP fans so it was nice to enjoy it with them. I took photos of EVERYTHING but I'll only share a few. 

My sis and I made a new friend. He was hilarious. 

Can you taste the excitement? 


Let me tell you, these pregnancy sweats are no joke, but a nice, cold butter beer will solve all of life's problems. I'm convinced. 

Seriously though. Amazing.

We also indulged in some (all of the) treats and had lunch at the four broomsticks.

Over all, it was a lovely trip. We got to spend time with my family, Emma was fawned over by my parents and sister, and we got to see Grace and Brian before they move to San Diego.

Side story... Emma was OBSESSED with this concrete parking pillar thing and was holding on for dear life as we tried to leave this parking lot. People were saying maybe it looks like a minion, but Emma has never seen any of those movies so I don't really know what was going on here.

And of course, on our way back up to our place we stopped for some road trip essentials.

I mean come on, twelve different flavors. TWELVE.

Happy July!


A mad March trip

Paul, Emma, the bump, and I just got back from a quick trip to visit our families. Paul had some time off of work so a road tripping we went.

The road trip to see our families usually goes like this:

make lists, charge iPads, pack, pack, load up car, traffic, cows, cows, cows, COWS, potty and sanity break, an hour of squirming at the end, whew we made it

This time was no different EXCEPT we went straight to my family first (5.5 hours driving) verses Paul's fam first (4 hours) and let me tell you, that last leg is a killer. The burgeoning bump makes it hard to get comfortable and there is only so much Netflix the toddler can be bribed with before she MUST GET OUT.

But we survived. Mostly. *eye twitch*

We spent time with my family for the weekend and Easter fun. And by fun I mean Mamaw (my mom), Lolo (my dad), and Auntie (my sis) smothering Emma with more attention than I thought was humanly possible. Like her head wasn't big enough already... 

A trip highlight: I got to eat my favorite bagel in the whole world which is only sold at the specific bagel store in my hometown. GIVE ME ALL THE SMEAR. And my life may be a little sad.

We left for Paul's parents' on Monday morning where Emma was again given princess status and did I mention how much I love family and my free hands are all *celebrate good times come on*. Paul's birthday (OLD MAN) was on Tuesday and his BFF took him golfing and beering while Emma and I spent time with her cousins (Emma's heaven on earth). We went to his family's favorite pizza place for dinner and I ate the best cake I've EVER had. EVER. EVAAAAAAA. 

Champagne cake from a local bakery and I'm pretty sure the frosting is made of angel tears. 

Actually I am 100% certain.

We drove home Wednesday morning (which screwed up Emma's afternoon nap but I guess I'll trade that over her screaming the whole car ride). Emma graduated to forward-facing car seatdom and I think she is diggin' her new throne/freedom. 

We got home and unpacked and did a little grocery shopping and she promptly put herself to bed by 7:30 (after an attitude-soaked bath). 


And because I know you didn't come here to just read me blather on, on to photos!

Pure heaven.

You know, it's too bad she doesn't know how to relax.

Matching Easter dresses and all.

Behind the scenes of the unsuccessful family photo sesh.

She takes UVA/UVB protection very seriously.

Ya old man. 

Road trip buddies!

Well unpacking sure has changed since we've had Emma.

"I'm tired of your shenanigans mother."

So there you have it. Tomorrow's post is tentatively titled - What we did Thursday. 

Just kidding.