Paul, Emma, and I went to Disneyland on Friday and I about passed out from excitement. When Paul and I were first dating, he said that he had never seen me walk so quickly as I do when I am at Disneyland. Well the same is true to this day. 

There may have been a few, come ons and hurry ups that escaped my lips during our day o' fun. I'm sorry honey!

Emma was a trooper. She managed the heat and was not afraid of the dancing and prancing characters running around. I may or may not have wanted to buy her 50 million souvenirs but I settled for a couple because, COME ON, it's Disneyland.

We arrived at about 11 am and strolled around Main Street and just took it all in. I squealed 57 times and Emma was bouncing with excitement. Well not exactly bouncing. More like staring at everything she saw completely stone-faced. If looks could kill... 

Emma badger was not amused.

The 60th Anniversary hoopla was incredible. The pomp! The circumstance! The smiles! Oh my. Hence, the obligatory pose-in-front-of-the-castle photo complete with 2/3 smiling faces. I was beginning to think that she had lost her ability to show joy but I got some smiles out of her eventually. Bribery was definitely in discussion.

I promised her some Mickey-shaped ice cream sandwiches and a bucket of cotton candy. I was banking on her limited short-term memory storage capacity to get out of that one. Whew. 

Our first ride of the day was It's A Small World and I am so glad we chose that one as her first. I was worried that the dancing children would frighten her but she was completely mesmerized (in a good way). She was even a trooper while we waited in the 25-minute line. She did not quite understand the concept of organized lines, but we made it work. I am kicking myself that I forgot our baby leash. I wish I was kidding.

"Um excuse me, the REAL princess is coming through.

I took the opportunity to take ample photos during our wait for the ride. Emma badger was more interested in climbing on the railing. I would have been more lenient if it weren't for said railing being directly over the flowing (RAGING) river of the ride. I don't care if there are coins in there girlfriend, you will not be swimming there. She spent the rest of her day rolling her eyes up to the heavens. Tiger mom's gotta tiger mom. 

She was also NONE TOO HAPPY that I kept trying to put this hat on her. I told her that tomato-red sunburns were so last season. Again with the eye rolling.

But the line was worth it because she absolutely loved the ride. She bounced along to the song and clapped her hands. She only tried to jump ship twice so I'd call that a win.

"Mom do you think they need extra can-can dancers? Let's go to the casting agency next."

(I didn't have the heart to tell her about the whole animatronics thing.)

We did not make it on all my favorite rides because the line attendant said toddlers were not allowed on Indiana Jones. I said she would fit just fine in the mesh bag in front of the seat. If it secures purses, why not toddling humans? He politely declined my suggestion. I also said she'd be just fine holding her own paddle for the canoes. But miss princess said she was more the passenger than the rower. High maintenance much?

"Yo ho, yo ho, a toddler's life for me! We're screamers and criers and ne'er do-well kids. Drink up me babies, yo ho! Aye but we're loved by our mommies and dads, drink up me babies, yo ho!"

We went on Pirates and Haunted Mansion and miss adventure fell asleep in the ErgoBaby halfway through Pirates. She woke up just in time for the ghostly dinner party. We like, we like to party. Apparently a ghost hitch-hiked home with us. As long as he babysits and closes the toilet seat lid then fine by me. 

It was a very hot day but thankfully we brought several frozen water bottles. Emma enjoyed using them for batting practice... against daddy's head. At least she has good aim. 

It's a good thing you're so stinking cute there girlfriend. 

Aww look at him! He's so cute. Hehehe. Okay focus Samantha. 

Paul and I went to Disneyworld for our honeymoon so I was feeling all the warm fuzzies that we brought our first born offspring with us on her first trip. I bought Emma her first pair of (obligatory) ears and I was able to keep it on for a whole 27 seconds. Enough time for these gems. 

Side note - We ate lunch at a little café near Pirates and saw this cute scene: 

I told Paul he was getting a glimpse into his future. I think I can still hear the nervous laughter.

We took a little bathroom break and realized we could grab a few shady seats for a parade. Why not?! Emma enjoyed the singing and dancing and told me that I really needed to up my own singing and dancing game. I mean, they had costumes. I have old yoga pants. No competition.

I think she was plotting her overthrow of the pink one. Poor Aurora.

We stopped by the BIGGEST DISNEY STORE EVER in downtown Disney and Emma systematically de-shelved everything at eye height. I sincerely apologize to the retail staff. But not that sorry, because they don't have to come home with us. 

We added another Minnie to her collection and I am pretty sure this mouse has taken up a good chunk of our tiny apartment's square-footage. The Diamond Anniversary Minnie was too cute not to take home with us but I put my foot down at the 3-foot tall stuffed Minnie. You have to be taller than your toys in my book.

Captain, we're gonna need a bigger boat! 

Side note - Our friends and family are so generous with Emma. We are so blessed!

Overall, this was an incredible first trip to Disneyland. I hope to make this an annual family tradition. Next time, I hope to convince Paul to get a pair of Mickey ears of his own. I'm still working on it.

My heart is full of joy and this really is the happiest place on earth.

Maybe next time she'll make it for the fireworks.