Lake Tahoe in the Autumn - part 1


(I mean South Shore, Lake Tahoe. Don't punch me.)

Paul, Emma, Henry, and I are currently on vacation at our favorite spot. This is my FAVORITE time of year to come to Lake Tahoe. The leaves are just beginning to turn, the air is crisp and cool but not freezing or raining. It's just the best. Last time we were here it was snowing and Mr. H was growing in my belly, dawww.

Currently, I am sipping a refreshing bev and fawning over some of the photos I've taken the last couple of days. 

That first glimpse of the mountain side with all of the trees as you drive up and over into South Lake is one of my most favorite views in all the land. My stomach skips every time. I have nothing but fond memories of this place. So far we have just spent time together and done some trail walking around the area. We have visited marshes, forests, and streams. We are in heaven.

Well okay, if you insist, I'll just show you. ;]

And it's only been two days!