Henry at two months


Henry Gabriel is two months young today. This past month has been a little easier on us. He's starting to figure out this sleeping at night thing (praise the good Lord) and his animation and smiles fill our days with joy.

He is a BIG eater and I am grateful my supply can keep up. Of course, that makes me completely ravenous and I should buy shares in the ice cream industry because I am single-handedly keeping it in business. I do not know his stats right now but when we take him in for his two month appointment and vaccinations, we'll find out. I do know that he is a long baby, that's for sure. He's taking after his big sister in that way.

With the big appetite comes some big poops (sorry future Henry). He gets incredibly fussy when he has a dirty diaper. Sometimes we just have to hose him off. Okay, enough of the poop talk. #motherhood

He seems happiest when he is in the baby carrier while being outside. Something about the sunshine, fresh air, and tummy-to-tummy time with Paul or me makes him so calm and happy.

Speaking of being happy, he is a big smily baby. He loves toys that make a little noise and loves when his big sister gives him hugs and kisses. He also coos here and there but has not laughed yet. I await with baited breath.

He is still not a fan of baths, but he does enjoy a shower. Go figure. He also took his first plane ride with me to Minnesota.

We are co-sleeping and love every minute of it. He is strong enough to nurse in bed so that has really helps us in the sleeping department. Also big news for us, we are moving into a 2-bedroom apartment in the next couple of weeks, wee! We need the space and we found a great little Victorian a few blocks away from where we are at now. Emma will be getting her own big girl bedroom so we will be attempting to transition Henry to the crib...eventually. 

I am still amazed that he is ours and we are his. Although it does feel like he has always been part of our family. He fits right in. Watching Emma and Henry together fills my heart with joy. 

I am soaking in every minute with him while I am still on maternity leave. I'll start working again sometime in October, so I'll be staring at his beautiful face all the live long day.

Now, I have something really important to talk about. It's really serious...

What should we dress up as for Halloween??! It will be hard to top our family costume from Emma's first Halloween. I want to do another family costume so I need to get on top of planning. Oy. 

But we do have this gem... 

Ye old photo (the tradition continues)

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(Emma at two months.)