Theo at four months

Contrary to these photos exhibited today, Theo does not have a serious face 100% of the time. He is such a joyful baby and I could not be more enamored by this squishy goodness.

Baby Theo is four months young today. He’s my chubbiest baby for sure. I am so grateful I took monthly photos of Emma and Henry too, because I love looking at the kids side by side. I think Theo looks a bit more like Emma than he does like Henry, but all i know is they are all adorable.

This month was full of exciting accomplishments. Theo started moving around on his tummy and he discovered his greatest joy in life - his own feet. He’s also been having a blast with Paul while Paul is on family leave. He takes a bottle like a champ (THANK GOD).

Theo’s personality is a cross between a super relaxed surfer and screeching howler monkey. So that’s been fun. He’s super relaxed and easy-going most of the time, but yells at us when he is tired or hungry. Like banshee screams. But he’s still cute.

The sleep training is only so-so. Paul is the king of nap time and bed time, but in the middle of the night I want to snuggle him when he wakes up to nurse and I can’t seem to will myself to put him back in the crib. If snuggling my baby is wrong, I don’t want to be right.

On the sibling front, Theo is so obsessed with his big sister. His gaze follows her all around the house and she can get him to laugh on demand. Henry always wants to make sure Theo is included in family stuff. He’ll walk around saying, “Theo, where are you??” and when he sees him after waking up, he goes “AWW BABY THEO.” I’m in kid heaven. But I’m also exhausted. Oh motherhood.

But this has been an incredible four months. Theo is the perfect addition to the family. He fits right it and I just love him so much.

Emma at four months.
Henry at four months.