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Henry at four months

MotherhoodSamantha WetterholmComment

What a difference a month makes. Henry's little (and by little, I mean BIG) personality has blossomed. He is vocal, he knows what he wants, and he give the loudest squeals I've ever heard. He's also incredibly sweet and cuddly and putting on one fine layer of baby chunk that I just want to kiss and squeeze.

He loves getting outside and much prefers to be carried and worn throughout the day so he does not miss out on any of the action. He still loves diaper changes and hanging out on the changing table.

He has also discovered that he can play with his own feet and that he can reach out to grab things - toys, books, my face, my hair, etc. He is also starting to break out of his swaddle so I imagine we will have to retire it in the near future. You can usually find his left arm up by his face while he attempts to get his thumb in his mouth. 

I bet he will be much happier when he can do it.

He still doesn't sit up on his own but is working on it. He's a bit top heavy so just plops forward. But I am in no hurry for him to get moving. Emma was really fast in the moving department and I am not ready to have two movers and shakers quite yet. 

He loves music and especially lights up when I sing to him. He is also fairly content just laying down next to the Christmas tree and staring up at the lights. 

His big sister is still his best buddy and she seems to be past the whack him on the head and run away stage. 

We also found a nanny for him and he loves her. It gives Paul and me peace of mind that he is in good hands during the day and has allowed me to, dare I say it, have some alone time. 

I am trying to think of good Christmas gifts for him. So far, I've thought of diapers. 

Welp, I still have a bit more time.

He attended his first wedding but threw a fit when I wouldn't let him catch the garter. Maybe when you're six months bud. 

He still has not gotten sick yet so fingers crossed we can get through the cold and flu season with minimal runny noses. Emma's is runny enough for the both of them.

We had a lovely Thanksgiving at home just the four of us and he enjoyed the stuffing and cranberry infused breast milk. I think.