Theo at three months

So we survived the holiday hoopla, yay! And Theophilus turns three months old today, double yay! This has been an eventful last month. Theo has made many developmental leaps and his little personality is blossoming. Mostly, he is a happy baby that occasionally howls at us when he is tired. I go back to work in a little over a week so I will be focused on pumping and building a freezer supply of the good stuff for our hungry, hungry Theo.

3 months 1.jpeg

Speaking of hungry, Theo is an excellent eater. He is easily satisfied with five minutes at the tap before wanting to play again. Over our holiday travels, we practiced with the bottle and he seems to bet getting it, THANK THE GOOD LORD. I know how lucky we are that he’ll take the bottle so far. Hopefully he keeps it up when it’s just Paul and him.

His favorite activities include eating (obvi), playing with his sister and brother, and sucking on his hands. He is thiiiiis close to finding that thumb, so wish him luck. He laughed for the first time just before Christmas and it is the most beautiful sound in the world. Emma tries to get him laughing on the daily and their interactions completely melt me and make me want 20 more babies (HOLD ME BACK).

I took him to his 2 month check up (2 weeks late) and his doctor is impressed with his muscles. Not really, but he is happy with Theo’s growth chart. He’s probably 14 lbs by now and I can feel it in my lower back. He is also a strong baby, he can stand supported and has a death grip on loose hairs, so watch out.

Theo absolutely hates baths, just screams. But he’s okay in the shower. Who would have thought? I think once he can sit up in the water, he’ll like it more. He’s still comfortably in 0-3 month clothing. He will likely grow out of those clothes in width before height. He is also an excellent conversationalist. He just coos and babbles all day long. The coolest thing he just started doing is little baby planks. I think he’ll be an early crawler just like sister and brother. But that also means I’ll need to re-baby proof this place.

We are making strides in the sleep department and this week’s goal is to have him sleep IN HIS CRIB at night for any stretch of time. Wish us luck and send caffeine.

Truthfully, I am having a hard time with the reality of heading back to work so if you could pray for us during this transition that would be amazing. Thanks for always loving on our little baby.

Emma at three months.
Henry at three months.