Theo at eight months

WHEW, finally getting caught up on Theo’s monthly updates. We’ve had a lot going on around these parts (post to follow with an update).

8 months 1.jpeg

Theophilus is eight months old!

Theo Samanthaborn, House of Wetterholm, King of his crib, third of his kin, brother of Emma and Henry, eater of sweet potatoes and avocado, puller of hair turns eight months old today.

This has been an exciting month. He could enter the Indy 500 of baby crawling and he is a champion stander. He is starting to cruise along the furniture and I’m already emotionally preparing for his imminent walking. Wish us luck. He is fearless and zooms to any open door, cabinet, or fridge to mess stuff up. Two little milk teeth have popped through (much to my dismay when he gets bored of nursing and heads straight to chomping). He is a joyful and giggly baby. He’s happiest when playing with his sister and brother. He loves bath time and snack time. Theo has got rolls upon rolls and it just makes me so happy. He’s my chunkiest baby for sure. I think he’s trying to say his first word, we’ll see what it is. I’m 2/2 with “mama” being the first word, so come on Theo, let’s make it 3/3. He’s a joy and treasure and we love him so.

Emma at eight months.
Henry at eight months.