Henry at eight months

Henry turns eight months today and I am (GASP) writing my blog post on time! #progress

What can I say about this past month that I haven't already gushed about on Instagram? Hmm.

Henry is officially crawling. Which means, I officially have two kids who can go where they want to go. And that officially means I need to up my baby-proofing game before I officially have a mini heart attack.

Henry so far gravitates towards plugs, open doors, and tops of stairs so that's fun. 

He loves food. Loves it. (His poop on the other hand, I do not love.) His favorites are sweet potato, squash, banana, chicken with apples, and his own toes.

Henry has also discovered the joys of hair-pulling. *biggest eye roll ever*

He's sleeping in his crib a bit more but ends up snuggled up between Paul and me most nights because we're big softies. 

I think he's going blonder. Or he is applying sun-in when I'm not looking. He still has the best eyes, in my opinion. They pierce the soul of all who dare to look him in the eyes. You've been warned. 

He's still teething, but no teeth yet. He's less fussy so I'm hoping they aren't bugging him too much anymore.  He is pretty social already and swats at people/other babies when he wants to play with them. So loving right?

Thank GOD he still loves the baby carrier. Without baby wearing I would get exactly NOTHING done. Call me a sucker but I'd rather strap him in, do some dishes, chase Emma, then have him knock out in there then I can plop him in his crib than fight him to sleep.

He went to the snow for the first time and it seems he is more in my camp than Paul's and Emma's. My boy and me are in the camp of: cold = bad, wet and cold = badder, wet and cold and hungry = baddest. 

We clear?

We'll see what this month will bring. Walking? Talking? College apps?