Theo at seven months

This has been a busy season the past few months, but I haven’t forgotten to take our sweet Theo’s monthly photos. So get ready for a post dump.

Theophilus is seven months old and he is celebrating with table side guac. Well maybe just regular smooshed avocado. Same thing right?
Speaking of food, this last month we introduced solids and ya boy likes to eat.
He’s obsessed with veggies in the orange varieties and that makes diaper changes really special.
He is a seriously fast crawler and this week he’s has started pulling himself up to stand and that is just swell. No really, I’m fine.

He’s our chillest babe and pretty much goes with the flow. He is our first baby to actually sleep in the crib for an extended period of time so praise the sweet baby Jesus.
He is still a nursing champ but takes a bottle of the pumped house white just fine when with his nanny.
He enjoys pulling hair, drooling prodigiously, long walks near the bay, and bath time.
I also think he’s cutting his first tooth because OUCH.
He’s a golden ray of sunshine and sparkly rainbows and we just love him more than words.
Happy seven months little Theo!

Emma at seven months.
Henry at seven months.