Baby Emma | Seven Months


Happy day after Thanksgiving. That probably means you are all wearing the loose pants today. Or as Joey Tribbiani would wear, Rachel’s maternity pants. Oh the Friends Thanksgiving episodes were the best… Wait, what were we talking about again? 

Oh yes. 

Emma turned seven months old today! She is at such a cute age. She is interacting with her surroundings much more and she’s developing her little AT.TI.TUDE. Truthfully, it scares me sometimes how quickly she’s growing. But I suppose that’s all part of it. The old adage, “they grow up so quickly” isn’t said for nothing. Dang. If I could turn back tiiiiime. (Name that song)

By the way, can we all just take a moment to appreciate this little girl’s comb-over?

Miss Emma is on the move. Watch out. She crawls faster than something that crawls really fast. Sorry, I couldn’t think of anything else. Oh, a lizard! Yes, she crawls faster than a scurrying lizard. Except her skin is much more hydrated. She also pulls up to stand against everything. Couches, chairs, walls, my legs, trashcans (it was just the once, I freaked out and disinfected the whole building).

Emma is a big fan of stroller rides. She loves getting outside and observing her surroundings. She is a scientist in the making. I swear I saw her pull out her composition notebook and reading glasses one time.

Can we talk about pureed foods for a minute? Emma luuuuurves them. I, on the other hand, don’t enjoy what they have done to her poops. I’ll let you fill in the blanks with that one. Emma if you read this 15 years from now, I apologize. But really, yikes.

Now that we are seven months into this whole parenthood thing, I can tell you I’ve learned some things.

1. There is nothing more delicious than baby hands and feet.

2. The spillage of bodily fluids all over your own body is nothing.

3. No matter how many times she falls on her butt/head/back/face, I will never not gasp and clutch my heart. #dramaqueen

Oh this pudding. I could scoop her up.

One of the things we’ve enjoyed most is reading books together. Whether it is the colorful pages, the rhythmic prose, or mama’s uncanny impersonations of hungry caterpillars or mischievous bunny rabbits, she’s enthralled. It is such a joy to watch her reach for the pages. The book worm in me is very happy. Paul is looking forward to the day she can catch and throw a ball and hold a tennis racket. At this rate, she’ll be on the court in 2 months.

Emma is our absolute pride and joy. Emma is going to be baptized next month when the three of us head down south for the holidays. My sister is Emma’s Godmother and Paul’s best friend/best man is Emma’s Godfather. Oh so cute.

And now for some pictures. That’s why you’re here isn’t it? I’d like to think it’s my sparkling personality, but Emma has the trump card. Baby chub wins all the awards.

This girl. SWOON.

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OHMYGOSH. She just strung together some consonant sounds that sound remarkably like “ma-ma”. I’m going to pretend she was calling out to me.