Life 365 | Week 48

I am in complete denial that my mini-vacation is over. Say it isn’t so! OH WELL. I’ve successfully eaten all the foods, avoided the Black Friday craziness, and managed to get some rest and relaxation. Although we weren’t able to spend this holiday with our families, they were still in our hearts. And our dear friends Grace and Brian invited us over for a Thanksgiving meal on Friday so we got to experience the traditional stuff-your-face fest.

Emma had a bought of projectile vomiting on Thursday which had us worried, but she’s better now. Thank the Lord.

Now that I’ve had a taste of vacation, I am itching for the Christmas break. Paul and I will be heading to Southern California then having a little getaway just the three of us for the New Year. I don’t know what we are doing yet. Paul has planned a surprise vacation for us. The type-A, crazy, control-freak in me is completely fine with not knowing where we are going or what we are doing (I’m not okay with it, *eye twitch*). But he is so tickled about planning it, so I must relinquish the reigns and go with it. Is my eye still twitching?

Here are last week’s photos.

TWENTY-FOUR I feel like I caught her in the middle of doing something naughty. I know what you’re doing girl, you can’t fool me. You’re pooping aren’t you?

TWENTY-FIVE We are still trying to figure out the sippy cup thing. So far, half the contents of each cup has ended up spilling down her front, so we’re getting there.

TWENTY-SIX Me seven months ago: “I am not going to spoil my children.”

Me today: “OHMYGOSH I am buying that and that and ooo, that.”

Dear Lord help me. But at least she loves her new elephant sit-and-ride.

TWENTY-SEVEN I am thankful for these two gems. Oh so thankful.

TWENTY-EIGHT Emma’s turkey bib was too much. I’m a sucker for holiday gear.

TWENTY-NINE We took a late-afternoon stroll near a creek by our apartment. The colors in the sky were mesmerizing. Do you see the pimple on my face?

THIRTY Today, on the last day of November, we went to mass then had a pj-movie-stay-in day. Like I said, denial.

December starts tomorrow! WHATTTTT?! This is my favorite time of year. Happy holidays everyone.