Baby Emma | Eight Months

Woah. WOAH. WO.AH.OH. This is Emma’s last monthly update of 2014. Holy cannoli. Oh great, now I want some cannoli. This sweet tooth is getting out of hand. And now I want some ice cream. Anyway…

Emma turns eight months old today! That means I should have eight grey hairs by now. I don’t know if I like this kind of math. Speaking of hair, hers really sprouted this past month. She officially has bangs! And that means you will be seeing pictures of ridiculous hair clips any day now. I’m thinking Pebbles style with a bone.

I’m pretty sure she is wondering where she can trade me in for a less insane model.

This has been a wonderful month indeed. She is so close to walking and that means I am so close to buying one of those backpack leashes for children. Don’t tempt me, I’ll do it.

And let me tell you a little something about this one. She apparently will have nothing to do with baby food anymore. She looks at those vegetable and fruit purees like I am trying to feed her poison and dynamite. “What does she eat then?” you might ask. Well, she likes pancakes, egg yoke, toast, pasta, cheerios, banana, and ice cream. Just kidding about the ice cream. Like I’d share my ice cream. But she will eat all those other things.

THIS FACE. Bahahaha.

She has been drinking more and more milk in one sitting. She really savors her milk too. Her eyes roll back in her head and she hmms and mmms. I cannot tell if it’s creepy or adorable. I’ll Instavideo it later and you can be the judge.

And I really wonder when those little milk teeth are going to pop through. She keeps tricking us with her “teething”. I just think she’s trying to mark her territory on everything. Slobber is the new black, right? I’m just going to stop expecting her teeth to come in then maybe they’ll come. A watched pot never cuts teeth right?

I am pretty sure she was questioning my sanity in this photo.

So eight months, woah. She is so far past the regular “eight months milestones” that I’m losing track. Is it biased if I call her the smartest baby ever on planet earth? No? I thought not.

Bias aside, she is truly an amazing little girl. She is playful, curious, adventurous, loves long walks on the beach, piña coladas, and getting caught in the rain. 

She is also working on some new skills. She says “amamama” and “dadadadada”. We’ll just call that mama and dada. She blows raspberries, waves bye-bye, and has penned the great American novel.

Hey eyebrow lady.

One of her favorite things is wrestling with her daddy. She grabs his face and hair and he screeches in pain. She loves it. He screams, “she’s attacking me!” I have to remind him that he is stronger than a baby. She begs to differ.

This month she was Baptized, had her first Christmas, and spent some time with her family. She is one loved little girl.

Okay, only four months left to plan her first birthday party. I haven’t settled on a theme yet. Ideas!? Help! Cowboys and aliens theme? Founding fathers theme? Sound of Music theme? Okay, I’ll keep brainstorming.

We are still on our vacation so Emma is getting the five-star treatment. I hope it doesn’t go to her head, it’s already bigger than her body.

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Have a Happy New Year!