Emma's first Christmas

Well… Emma’s first Christmas was a smash! A success! An extravaganza! A gift wrap-eating, Christmas tree-lighting, festival of merriment! Our little Emma had a wonderful time. I am still finding glitter in her every nook and cranny, but that’s another story.

She is the best Christmas gift we could have ever wished for this year. (I know, it’s a sap-fest up in here.) Time for the photos.

Well, what else do you do with the presents under the tree?

Emma wore her Christmas best for the Christmas Eve Vigil service.  

“Santa comes down the what?! Now I am going to have nightmares for the rest of ever.”

She was waiting for the baby Jesus. “WHERE HE AT?!”





Oh yes we did. (You would never guess that Paul was the one to buy us these matching PJs. You can gag now. We are officially those people.)

O Christmas tree, o Christmas tree, how lovely are your branches.

(You bet that lasted 0.3 seconds. What did people do before iPhone burst mode?)

And there it goes into the mouth again. I guess wrapping paper is made of pure sugar. I’m going to find paper in her poo aren’t I?

Her favorite gift was her box full of books! She will be one well-read lady.

She was in wrapping paper heaven. Her and the cat were fighting over who got to eat all the festive ribbon. 

Merry Christmas from our little threesome to you and yours. Love,

Samantha, Emma, and Paul 

God bless us, everyone.