Henry at three months

I know what you're thinking.


Oh you're not? It must be just me then.

This has been a busy month for us. We moved into our new place and I started work again. Henry has completely blossomed this month. He loves smiling and has started babbling. He tries to imitate Paul's noises.

Henry is starting to get on a more predictable schedule. He also has one long stretch of sleep per night which saves my sanity most days. But he does like to eat a lot around 4am most mornings so I suppose it's a trade off.

Emma and Henry are already becoming buddies. Although she has recently relegated him to punching bag so we have to work on that. He takes it in stride, the little trooper. 

Speaking of being a trooper, thankfully he takes a bottle of breast milk. I went back to work and I am grateful I can pump while I am at work. 

He is also the best little snuggler you ever did see and he cannot stand missing the action. He wants to be front and center when we do anything around the house and prefers to be sitting upright. 

Today, we also celebrate Halloween, his first major holiday and one of my favorites! We are doing a family costume this year so stay tuned. 

He is hovering around the 50th percentile in height and weight but a whopping 80th percentile in head circumference. I like big brains and I cannot lie. 

He still hates baths but loves diaper changes. He will sleep in the car as long as you don't try to put him into the carseat while he's tired. Go figure.

Happy Halloween!

He is a constant joy and light in our lives. 

(Emma at three months.)