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On life, lately

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Well, well, well, look what we have here. It's me! Remember me, the one who used to blog regularly? While I am a shell of my former blogging self, I have found that I am at an exceptionally busy season of life lately and just do not have the same amount of time or energy that I once had (and I am pretty sure my blood type is now caffeine+). Thankfully, I have not let my beloved Instagram be silent, so if you follow along there, you'll know that I am not fully living under a rock. Quite the contrary actually. I am one busy bee (keeper) and our hive is a'bustling. 

Let's see, here are some highlights from life lately. 

We moved! But you knew that. I am looking forward to decorating our hive for the Advent and Christmas seasons. Right now we have about fifteen pumpkins scattered about thanks to my dear mom when she last visited. I have given our new hive a hashtag if you want to see more of the place.

I went back to work at the end of October. It was less difficult than when I had to go back to school when Emma was a baby because this time around I am part-time. Whew. And there are a lot fewer evening obligations. I get to leave work at work. I still work at the community dental center, but I am now working at a private practice as well. Yippie!

Our Halloween costumes were a hit. They were really easy to put together, but I am buzzing (<-- bad mom joke) with joy at how they turned out. Emma was not entirely sure about our large hats. But I gave her a flower and all was well in the world. 

We celebrated our friends', Derek and Allison, wedding. We stayed in an adorable inn and got away for a few days. It was nice to put on some finer clothing and dance our hearts out while we celebrated a beautiful couple. And took some photo booth gems.

I am practicing a new hobby -- modern and brush calligraphy. I'll show some of my work at some point. 

My mom and dad visited on separate occasions. Emma was in heaven. 

Henry is putting on the best baby chub and we are hard at work getting Miss Emma potty trained. Emma loves her school and we found a nanny share for Henry. He seems happy and I am grateful that my breast milk supply is keeping up with his appetite. 

And Paul and I are just trying to spend time together. We don't have much time on the weekend or in the evenings, but I am soaking in every precious minute. I am also looking forward to Advent when I can take some time to chill out and reflect. (Have you gotten your Blessed Is She Advent goodies yet?)

So that's some of life lately over on these parts. Be sure to follow along on Instagram for all the daily gems from our hive and our precious dictators, Emma Badger and Henry Henry Henry