We're moving!

Guess what?!

We are moving! (Okay, you probably got that from the title.)

We finally outgrew our one bedroom apartment and are moving into a larger two bedroom in an old Victorian. It has a cozy, vintage, and lived-in feeling with solid wood doors and beautiful window frames. We will still be in Alameda (just a mile or so away from our current place) but we are moving to a cul-de-sac on a much quieter street. YAY! We will be moving the bulk of our stuff this weekend then doing a little IKEA shopping to fill in the gaps. We may paint eventually, but probably not any time soon. I hate packing so I am trying to motivate myself. So far I've packed three boxes. Only 14 million more to go.

Here is our little fireplace (doesn't work, but it has this really beautiful old mirror and a mantel!!!!!).

I'll do a tour later. Pray for us and our moving crew (Paul's bro and my dad). Bless us O Lord that we may not throw out our backs and that we may maneuver our couch and bed frame through our doorways.