Lake Tahoe in the Autumn - part 2

The second half of our Lake Tahoe vacation was equally amazing as the first half. I arrived home refreshed and rested (the feelings which I will cling to in the coming weeks). I heaved the heaviest sighs as we drove up and over the mountain and out of my beloved Lake Tahoe.

Some highlights included our day trip to Virginia City, Nevada (a favorite of mine and my family's). It's an old silver mining town in the middle of the mountains and it's adorable. Emma swam nearly every day and I sat by the fire and read. We watched the salmon run - where we saw some determined little lady salmon swim their way up stream. We enjoyed our first Oktoberfest at Camp Richardson, picked pumpkins, and listened to a band garbed in lederhosen. We departed on Sunday afternoon and I am already planning our next trip back.

Emma had to take a piece of Tahoe home with us and selected a few lucky leaves to take with us back home.