Lake Tahoe in December

Currently, I am sitting in our resort room with my feet up by the roaring fireplace and I’m convinced that I’ll do very well in retirement one day. The kids are doing their Mandarin practice and the baby is contentedly sleeping on his own.

HAHA, just kidding. Everyone is screaming and running around and it’s pure chaos and I love it. We are still in South Lake Tahoe and heading home tomorrow morning. It has been a lovely trip so far. My mom joined us and she has been a life-saver with having an extra set of adult eyes and ears. And plus, she is ten times more patient than I am which helps in confined spaces.

Mostly, we’ve just been enjoying each other with lots of snuggles and movies and cookies and laughing. The big kids absolutely love playing in the snow. They must have gotten that from some other side of the family tree because I am firmly in the camp of snow is to be looked at and not waded in. I enjoy the frivolity from the safety of the salted side walk. But it is just the BEST watching them play in the snow with all their snow gear. Theo has just been a cuddly snow angel and I am grateful for his chill disposition.

tahoe 7.jpeg

St. Nick also remembered us in Tahoe. Wink wink.

Paul and I (and third-wheel Theo) snuck away for a date to our favorite pub last night and enjoyed some time to just talk (90% about the kids and 10% other). Mamaw and Emma made sugar cookies and we used a wine bottle as a rolling pin and I think that’s just hilarious.

Funny story, this morning we were walking back from having breakfast and came across a gaggle (?) of Canadian geese near our resort. Emma and Henry just waltzed right in with them as if they were part of the geese gang. Either these were the most relaxed geese on planet earth or we have some geese-whisperers in the family. We managed to get some photos with the FIVE of us and I’m thinking Christmas cards. (But who am I kidding, I can’t get my act together to send out cards. Maybe new year’s cards. Or valentine’s. Hehe.)

This was a trip to remember. God is good.

tahoe 28.jpeg