A quick turnaround

I'm a bit behind on my project 52 posts, but fear not, I will get right to it come Friday.

But any who, we took a quick trip down to Paul's hometown this weekend. I don't want to jinx anything, but Emma has always been a good car traveler. She gets antsy just like anyone else, but she spends most of the trip sleeping and a good chunk of it content to playing or watching some Daniel Tiger. We do try to time road trips around her nap for extra insurance.

We left on Friday afternoon and I had the responsibility of driving. The 5 freeway is BORING. And filled with dry brush and lots of cows. Thank God for audiobooks I'll tell you. We got to spend a lot of time with family and we got to see Grace and Brian who were also visiting Bakersfield.

Emma was in HEAVEN with her cousins who also have no shortage on energy.


We had not seen Grace and Brian since June (!!!) so I might have squealed when we got together. Grace was in Emma heaven and I was so happy to see our friends. I need someone to invent teleportation ASAP.

These quick turnaround trips are tough at times, but oh so worth it. Friends and family make the world go 'round.