First snow

January is quickly coming to a close and I am grateful that I have been able to spend some uninterrupted time with my family. This year I wanted to stay present and so far, so good. 

Last week, we went to Lake Tahoe (one of our favorite places in the world) with our neighbors. They taught Paul how to ski and Emma played in the snow for the first time. If you know me, you may know that I am not exactly a snow bunny and my favorite kind of snow is in cone form on a summer's day. But I will tell you, watching Emma enjoy the snow put all (well, most of) my snowy angst from my mind and I truly had a fantastic time.

I think collectively I spend about 64 minutes total in the snow/elements, but I had fun standing there watching the tot and my husband frolic in the frozen water. I am really great at standing there and taking photos specialty.

On our way to our resort, we stopped at a different ski resort to play in the snow. I had bought some toddler-sized snow gear on consignment and we were ready to go (after a solid 20 minutes of trying to put on said snow gear in the back seat of our little car).

I could not quite figure out how to get Emma to put her thumbs in the thumb hole of the gloves, but overall she was well prepared. (P.S. She was wearing three pairs of socks and twenty layers underneath this outfit and I would have added more if Paul hadn't talked me off that ledge.)

Emma be like, "what are this?"

We started with some good ol' fashioned snow ball making and snow ball eating (her, not me). 

And of course, we took some bundled-up selfies. With some serious cheesing from Miss Emma. And yes, that is a unicorn hat that she is wearing.

She was just a little happy to play in the snow. It melted my heart, while I was freezing my butt off. (I was wearing leggings and jeans, nary an appropriate snow attire in sight. Real smart Samantha.)

Okay, I had a little fun. 

Yeah, it was snowing. SNOWING. I don't even know what that means for my life.

I hid under a deck but watched the rest of the adults and kids have fun.

I am pretty certain that snow got inside her diaper. But Emma badger does not care.

But sledding is fun in some circles. I guess I'm a square.

Paul went skiing with our neighbors on our second day and he had a blast. I stuck around the resort with Emma and hung out by the fireplace. We did venture outside for some snow frolicking but Emma gave me the evil eye when I eventually made her go back inside so I could get a bloody mary. Momma is mean.

I know Ems, moms are so mean.

Well I guess we will be going back to the snow again at some point in our lives. Next year? Maybe I'll invest in some snow pants. Well, as long as they have butt warmers installed. 

Am I right?