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Lake Tahoe, again

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Our annual fall Tahoe trip is something I look forward to every year. It is the perfect time for recharging, unplugging, and relaxing with my two favorite people. Last year, Emma was barely mobile so this year was extra special because she appeared to actually appreciate the hiking, views, and general merriment much more than last year. (Where is my baby??!)

We were welcomed with this beautiful setting sun and I want to glue this view to my eyeballs. (<--eww)


We took a hike (more like a gradual trail walk) to Fallen Leaf Lake and now I want to live there.

This tree was bigger than our San Francisco apartment. 

Emma tried to take home 13 thousand rocks and pieces of tree. 

Vana Wetterholm at your service (I should be stopped).

Seriously, I want to build my house right there. Yup, just yonder. 

Tree posing amongst the trees (seriously, someone stop me).

I am fairly certain that the panoramic mode on iPhones was specifically invented for this moment. 

Definitely certain. 

If you're a pack mule and you know it...

Our resort had the most perfect outdoor space filled with chairs, fire pits, and...

...stowaway lady bugs. Hey there little fella. Or lady, whichever. 

Look who finally wanted to hang out with her momma. 


Apparently it was salmon spawning season so we went upstream to check it out. Emma had twelve conniptions looking at the salmon. It was adorable and a little frightening. 

Our final shindig of the trip was a dinner and dance cruise. Emma danced her heart out and we watched the most gorgeous sunset of my life. 

Thankfully, Emma took one giant nap before boarding which mad her an absolute delight for our fiesta. (Otherwise I am sure they would have tossed me overboard for one of her trademarked toddler tantrums.)

Not a tantrum in sight. Can I get an amen?


The most handsome man in all the land. I'm swooning.

Paul wasn't the only good view around... 

I mean come on! It's like God came down and grabbed a paint brush and made all my dreams come true.

Take me back to Tahoe!