'Tis the season

I’m not going to lie, this was one of the best Thanksgiving weekends ever. Our little five-some spent the four-day weekend in town and it was so special to cook a meal and share this holiday quietly in our own little home. I had a little anxiety throughout the weekend, but it was definitely manageable considering the immense joy of being surrounded by my family.

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Paul had work off Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday! We got to have a leisurely lunch on Wednesday just the two of us (well, and our third wheel Theo). On Thursday, Paul let me sleep in (!!!) and then I cooked a Thanksgiving lunch for us. We shared sparkly beverages and Emma decided she loves cranberry sauce. Normally, I am not much of a leftovers person, but I ate the Thanksgiving food all weekend.

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I gave Henry his first hair cut after nap on Thanksgiving and I cried a whoooole lot. But he’s so delectably cute so I’m okay now, I promise. On Friday, we cranked up the Christmas music jams and started decorating. Emma and Henry absolutely loved decorating our tree. They each were so meticulous about ornament placement. I did not put any of the breakable ornaments out this year because Henry tornado lives up to the name. Somehow we still managed to break some… oy vey.

On Saturday, Paul took Emma fishing for the first time. She had so much fun and even though they didn’t catch anything, I am so grateful for these little memories she’s making. She is now convinced she needs her own fishing pole for Christmas. You on it, Santa?

On Sunday, we enjoyed Friendsgiving with our friends from church. It was the most glorious way to end the weekend. There were so many children running around and the adults were breaking bread and sharing mulled wine and passing babies around and everyone brought a favorite dish. It’s taken years for us to form this kind of community and I value it every day.

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And now, I am sitting in my living room on a Tuesday morning, just reveling in the goodness of it all — family, community, friendship, holidays, and merriment. As Advent approaches, I am grateful for this season of preparation, reflection, and joy.

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