Welcome October

'Tis here! It's the first day of October and I'm dancing. It is the start of the best (!!!) season, filled with holidays, baked goods, and family time. Exactly one year ago, Emma was just starting to sit up all on her own and she was growing into her personality. Her smiles lit up the room and she was still taking three naps a day. My darling pumpkin is now 17 months old (how??) and is running around from sun up until sun down. She loves her baths, wrestles with her dad, and loves bananas more than any human ever. She babbles all day long and is completely sassy.

These aren't tears. No really I'm fine.

But I know you didn't come here to just listen to my ramblings so on to photos of my little pumpkin.

Complete with my trick-or-treating pumpkin from my very own youth. That bucket has seen many a candy bar. 

A year ago she was making faces like this and now I'm dead. All I picture is that foot on my kidney. No really, I'm fine. 

Happy October!