Happpppeeee Friiiidaaaaayyyyyyyyyayayayay!

How the heck are you? I hope you had a lovely Feast Day of St. Terese. 

Did I tell you I joined the parish choir? Well, I did! The local parish (seriously only a 2 two minute drive or a 15 minute walk from us, woot woot) has a beautiful basilica choir for their 9:30 am service on Sundays. They had a ministry fair two weekends ago and lo and behold, I joined 'em. They practice Wednesday evenings and I must say that enjoy that time in the evenings to get out of the house and talk to other adults. I was in my university's chapel choir my senior year with my friend Allisun and we loved it.

I am glad to have found a parish so close to us and the priests are really nice. The community has been incredibly welcoming too. Yay!

On Sunday, my mom arrives for a visit! Emma is looking forward to being spoiled by mamaw. We also go to Tahoe for the second half of the week. I haven't been to Tahoe for over a year and I am aching to get to the mountains. I don't know how much blogging I'll do next week because I really want to focus on my mom's visit and our little vacation.

This week's portrait featuring chunky cheeks and her one true love - shoes

I am sure that this is encoded into toddlers' DNA because there is just something about toddlers and shoe obsession that go hand-in-hand. This girl loves shoes - all shoes - and will attempt to wear them, walk around in them, put them on my feet, etc. When she attempts to bring dirty shoes into bed I have to step in because, no thanks.

On this particular shoe adventure, she figured out that if she untied the laces and held them she could better hold on to the shoes during trek throughout the apartment. Genius. 

Speaking of toddler hair (okay we weren't really but I'm the queen of the non sequitur), this girl's hair is out of control. It appears to be fine and curly in the back, wavy on the top, and easily tangles. She quite frequently looks like the scientist from Back to the Future. She protests the baby hair ties most of the time so we are all graced with this crazy mane.

Last year during Emma's first Tahoe trip we took an old-timey photo that basically changed my life. I wonder if I can get her to do it again... There's a new pair of shoes in it for ya kid.

Any who, I hope you all have a grand weekend. Ours will start a little early with a party/BBQ for Paul's work this afternoon. Paul also wants to see one of his favorite tennis players at a local tournament tomorrow so we might do that too. This morning I need to catch up on my DVRed shows. I love premiere season! (BTW, what shows do you religiously watch?) I am all over the place today. 

Happy weekending!