Substance and Soul


LifeSamantha WetterholmComment

This has been a tough few days. Emma's sleeping schedule is all kaddywonkers and now I want to sleep for ten million days. But what can you do? We just soldier on. Due to the unpredictable rain this week, we had to play inside for most of the week. I brought our kiddie pool inside, scrubbed it clean, added all the stuffies, and we had a pool party. We are looking forward to the last few weeks of the year. I wrapped Emma's presents and we started shopping for the rest of the family (we are always late on this).

Even with the few lows we have had this week with the no sleeping (and subsequent crankiness from all parties), we have had several highs.

I discovered Trader Joe's peppermint pretzel slims. Emma is becoming really interesting in potty training. My sister got her dream teaching job. And I have so much love in my heart for my family. 

Happy Friday!