How 'bout some photos?

Not that I don’t post enough already, right? But seriously, get ready for some good old fashioned scrollin’.

Tahoe is one of my most favorite places in the whole wide world. My family used to go now and again when I was growing up and now my new little threesome took a trip. Gawww, that’s adorable.

I am not so much a fan of the snow-drenched version of Tahoe. I prefer the piney goodness of the summer time Tahoe. Although I do like the combined late winter/early spring version with snow in the mountains but not on the ground, if ya know what I mean.

We left Friday afternoon and got stuck in a bit of Labor Day traffic, oh joy. But when we finally made it, all was well. Emma seemed to do great with the altitude but the dry air made us all sound like congested pugs. Any who, let the photo dump commence.

Saturday morning we woke up to this beautiful sunrise. I could get used to this. City life is definitely wanting in views like these. Now if I could bottle that smell of the trees in early morning, I would be a happy camper.

Emma, those are TREES. I know they look different than the concrete walls you’re used to. The balcony from our place overlooked the beautiful mountains. Emma said, oooahheeeooo. I think that meant she liked it.

On Saturday, we just relaxed. We also hit up my favorite restaurant in Tahoe. It’s a little Scottish pub with AMAZING food. I mean drool-worthy food. I dove head first into this truffled mac and cheese and didn’t come up for air for a while. I think our neighboring table was freaked out.

Can I get an Amen?

We watched some movies and some tennis. Emma rolled around like it was going out of style. I swear, she finds a worm hole or something because one minute she’s on one side of the floor and the next, she’s practically in another room. Stealth baby. 

Sunday, we drove out to Virginia City. I love this place. It’s an old mining town and they have preserved the old buildings and the old-timey feel to it. It’s touristy and I love it.

Of course, we had to stop in the candy store. Paul’s eyes became bigger than those barrels. Maybe we should only buy 12 pounds of candy. 13 seems to be pushing it. 

Our last stop was getting our photos taken.

Old time photos.

We had an absolute blast. Although we put on our serious faces, it was so fun. I was like, “Smile!” but Emma was like, “Guys you have to put on a stoic face, it’s era-appropriate”. Well, alright then.

This may be my favorite photo, like ever.

Sunday night we went to dinner and toasted our trip. We didn’t want to say goodbye, but I know we will be back soon.

Emma was dancing the night away at the restaurant. I kid you not, in this photo she was dancing to Back In Black by AC/DC. Someone has some classic tastes.