Thursday Thoughts

I mentioned a little while ago that sometimes I like to have a bit of a brain dump of random thoughts every once in a while. Don’t we all? Usually I brain dump on my husband who listens pretty patiently (thank you sweetie) and responds accordingly. Instead of boring him with my various musings, I’ll bore all of you! I know, doesn’t that sound wonderful? Please don’t leave me. 


I have an obsession love of brunch food. I mean, come on, it’s breakfast AND lunch. You get some eggs and pancakes with potatoes and salads. COME ON! What I love even more than brunch food is brunch buffets. Come to mama. Give me a plate of eggs, bacon, and lemon ricotta pancakes any day. Hey, let’s throw in some mimosas while we are at it. 


This is how they suck you in. Can anyone really turn down that specialty chocolate bar or that new dried fruit treat by the cash register at Trader Joe’s? No! If you can, then you have some willpower there. While I wait in line, I think, hey why not grab a bottle of wine? I mean, it’s right there. I also firmly believe that supermarket lines (and lines in general) bring the worst or the best out in people. There is that sweet gal who lets you go ahead because you have two items and she has a cartful. Then there is that poopie guy who rolls his eyes at the old lady who is counting her exact change. Give it a rest dude. 


I’m especially thinking about road construction. I feel like I am on Mario Kart or something. There are a million orange cones re-directing traffic and I feel that I’m about to slip on a banana peel. Then you feel like you’re about to hit the men in their orange reflective vests - especially the ones who are literally in the road after it’s been opened up. I mean, who stands inside the road!? And of course construction comes with all that lovely traffic. And somehow road construction and its accompanying traffic magically turns on everyone’s car horns. Because you know, when traffic is stopped, honking your horn miraculously makes traffic disappear. Stupid orange cones.


I don’t understand the whole institution of expiration dates. Are we supposed to eat the food by then? Are we supposed to pick it up from the store before then? What does it all mean?! I’m having serious angst about this. Usually I end up going by the sniff test which is often followed by, meh still smells okay *proceeds to put item back in the fridge to smell another day*. Jeez. C'est la vie.