Life 365 | Week 35

I am currently curled up in bed with a box of tissues and the accompanying symphony of my nose blowing. If I thought the fresh Tahoe mountain air would help me kick this illness, I was wrong. Wahh! Emma and Paul are on the mend so that’s good at least. I haven’t been hit this hard in a while. Okay enough of the pity party.

We had a wonderful weekend getaway. Just getting out of town and enjoying some quiet time is just what we needed. I didn’t want the weekend to end (which is probably why this week’s Life 365 is getting a late start). 

TWENTY-FIVE I think she’s showing me her boogies. I am so glad she is feeling better.

TWENTY-SIX Aren’t these PJs the sweetest? Unfortunately, she had an explosion 0.34 seconds after this photo was taken. I wish I could go down to the river to beat her soiled clothes on a rock.

TWENTY-SEVEN Thank goodness for Auntie Grace’s obsessive photo-taking. She is patient enough to capture this sweet girl’s facial expressions.

TWENTY-EIGHT “What do you mean I have to get more shots? Are you joshing me you devilish woman?” Poor baby was so brave. She is in the 98th percentile in height! I am still floored. 

TWENTY-NINE Now THAT’S a view. Our resort was on a mountainside and overlooked the Nevada side of Tahoe. It was breathtaking. 

THIRTY Emma - 1, Paul - 0 Yerrrrrr out!

THIRTY-ONE Just a boy and his candy (he was in heaven). More about that later.

Hopefully I kick this illness soon. As much as I love blowing my nose every two seconds and having my ears stuffed up, can we be done now?

I hope you all had a wonderful Labor Day holiday! 


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