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A tea party

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It was one of those mornings. The sun was finally shinning after a long and rainy week. We all were sleeping better and our moods were uplifted. She played quietly in the corner as I read on the couch. She then got my attention and summoned me over for a special tea party.

I do not know whether it is the sunshine or the impending Spring season that has made me want to unplug and disconnect. This week we have been able to take long walks, bask in the sun as it shines through our windows, and sip iced tea on the deck. It has been one of those weeks where I am pulling my family closer and enjoying the gentle hum of life around me. I get to sit and watch my beautiful daughter laugh and play as her daddy chases her around the house while I feel the kicks and twirls of life growing in my womb. This life is tough some times, but it is all mine and it is wonderful.