This is 17 months

So 17 months is a fun age.

And by fun, I mean confusing, exhausting, and completely wonderful. 

Her hugs are intentional, her kisses open-mouthed and slobbery, her tantrums epic, and her will power strong. She sometimes skips naps, sometimes sleeps all night. She sometimes wants to eat all the food. She sometimes throws her bowl across the room. 

This is seventeen months.

Emma: Throwing another tantrum.
Samantha: Hey Ems, why are you screaming?
Emma: Thrashing on ground, attempting to take pants off.
Samantha: Alright, would you like me to help you?
Emma: Cry, ESH (<--That's Emma for "yes"), scream
Samantha: Removes pants. Here you go.

Emma: Attempts to put pants back on. Struggle fest. Screams.
Emma: Throws self on ground, cries some more.
Samantha: I am sorry that you're frustrated. Can I help you?
Emma: Rapidly sits up and stops crying.
Samantha: Helps put pants back on. 

Emma: Starts crying again and attempts the pants removal, again.

This is seventeen months.