Paint and a pool party

As it is just Emma and me during the day, we are trying to find things to fill our time that do not revolve around screens.

1. This is becoming increasingly more difficult as creativity is crucial because, boredom and toddlerhood are enemies.
2. I am incredibly sleep deprived due to insomnia (curse you) and our attempts at sleep training Emma badger into her own toddler bed.

Tough. The toughest.

There was a slight crisp in the air this morning and I had no interest in changing out of my cozy PJs so inside play was a must. And although the time-honored game of pull everything off of our shelves and out from drawers is just the funnest ever, I was hoping to avoid that particular headache.

Thankfully, I discovered a couple of Instamoms (here and here) who are brilliant with their toddler activity and preschool ideas. Ladies, I love you. They are infinitely more creative than I am and I hope to emulate even a tenth of their toddler know-how. 

Enter, finger paints and a plastic kid pool.

The super prepared person that I am did not have any paint brushes so fingers and a small spatula were her tools o' choice. And of course, when she tired of her white canvas she moved onto greener pastures. Her stomach. This kept us entertained for quite some time. 

"Don't bother me, I'm in the zone."

Well, excuse me.

"Simply brilliant!" - said every first time mom ever.

Our kitchen sink is big enough for a mid-day bath. I think that she had more fun in there than while painting. We have a water baby. And we have an obsessive mother who will not tolerate paint anywhere other than paper, who promptly moved the human canvas to said sink.

Splish splash she was taking a bath.

What are your resources for toddler edu-tainment?